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Thursday, June 17, 2010

If You Love Me, Won't You Let Me Know?

...Love that song. Violet Hill. I didn't know it until a month ago x( And I'm startin to think, you know... Just, tryna make sense but yet not give too much... I'm thinkin' this song meant a lot to somebody I know, and that person tried to get the message across using this song... :( But idk if I'm just overthinking a simple situation or not. So... yeah. 

If you love me, won't you let me know? ....I do, and I'm tellin' you now.

<3 :D haha.

So.... well obviously we haven't been here in a while, specially anna ahaha. Not much goin' on, actually... Well, I guess there is. Lemme see...

Summer started on the 8th, last day o' school :DD. Went to FroYo with Kell, Felicia, Amelia and Isabelle. Got "pulled over" by a cop while climbing Amelia's fence xD But we explained.  Kelly... well Kelly and I had a little "texting" fun, ahem. >.>


Aaaah I'm goin to Atlanta in two weeks for Summer Nationals!! :D Pre-Nat'ls camp starts next week, can't wait! ...cept for the fact that apparently, the dude heading camp has  PhD in FENCING. When we found that out, we were like, "whaaaa...?! PhD in fencing? DAYUM!!!". Yea, I'd love to be Doctor Annel xDD.


Josh en I are writin' a song xDD aha. He talked to me and was all, "I need help coming up with a title and lyrics for a song I wrote... I have the music." and I just went kuh-ray-zee. "OMG I'll totally help you!!" He sent me like the music and all it was so kewll. It's almost done, just a few changes needa be made and it's awlll set xDD ...We're so proud of ourselves xD. And like, when he sent me the file and I played it on my computer, it almost made me cry. I mean, his music was so beautiful, I felt like if I added lyrics, it would, like, defile its beauty or something. (Haha, okay, getting all dramatic here). But really. 


Every day, I wonder why the best musicians are Unsigned and are on Youtube. I mean, really. You've got AJ Rafael and Gabe Bondoc. LOVE them soooooooo much. ^_^ My favorite songs are When You Say (Nine) [gabeeee] and When We Say (Juicebox) [ayjay]. They are so talented, and I just had to talk about them.

nelli ♥

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

is my name really THAT hard?!

...went downtown again... i swear to god, starbucks can't spell my name. i dont even use anneliese i use annel ahaha and yet they stil got it wrong again. x) it was actually preeetty funny but neway

remember last time i went downtown they put "anau" on my cup? well this is wat i got yesterday:

yuuup that says "anall".... >.> lol its like that one time out sub called me "anal"... rrrrg!!!

>.< well anyway just a quick update, cuz not much happened, were on spring break right now, and yeah basically yesterday i went downtown with tim, sophia, and felicia !!!

anna went to carmel, and they're all hanging out again today, but i cant cuz i gotta cleeeeeaaaan el casa, more family's comin over.

gotta gooooo

much luvs

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