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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010!!!!!! the neeeewww decade!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! i kno this is half an hour early but happy 2010 guyzzzz!!!! hope everyone's having an awesome new year! omg if ANYONE went to times square i'm like hecca jealous... xP
imma go to a run thing tomorrow. but since u can bike, rollerblade, run or walk i'm rollerblading if my rollerblades still fit me. 5 miles!!!! wellwellwell... i g2g bie people!
-Italapinexo <3

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valkyrie, French movie, bubble wrap!

heeeyyy people! k weelll... yesterday i watched 2 AWESOME movies:
1. Valkyrie
amaaaaazing movie about the most famous plan to assassinate Hitler. hecca good action/sound, awesome job of sticking to wat actually happened. Tom Cruise did a great job, but fur some parts he wuzn't completely in character. WAY better than i thought it wuz gunna be! five stars.

2. Le Choriste
moving movie about a man who teaches music at a french school fur "troubled" boys, who are orphans or single parented from world war II. i LUV this movie. AWESOME plotline, amazing singers, one awe-inspiring soloist. FIVE STARS!!!!

k now onto the bubble wrap. so i've been DYING to take the bubble wrap frm sum of my xmas presents and do wat bubble wrap wuz meant for- pop it! so i wuz hecca happy when my dad said i could do watever i wanted with a giant sheet of bubble wrap! so fur 15 minutes straight, our garage wuz filled with LOUD popping sounds. it wuz SOOOOOOO fun x). well i gotta go. bye!
-Italapinexo <3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Don't Know What To Name This Post

yay!!! Anna got the iPod Nano!! well, guess what? I got enough money to buy an iTouch. . . yuppz it's awesome, but since I'm in SoCal rite now, I have to wait til I get home so I can load all my stuff on it.

Today's FAIL:

see more Epic Fails

mmmmkay. . . I got Meli's comment:

lucky!! she got the LG Xenon, like Tim and Johny's phones.... yeah, I have at&t, i want it like heckuuuh.... so, Meli, this is my "response" as you requested through your comment lol

. . . in SoCal rite now, just awesome, hangin out w/ some cuzins, aunts, etc...

Oh, and I listened to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City... its so kewl!

luv ya!


Friday, December 25, 2009


merrrryyy christmas guyz! guess who got the new NANO!!!!! rawr my sis got an iTouch tho xP. haha, i used up my 15 bucks in like 5 minutes haha. new fave song ALONG with hey soul sister: vanilla twilight by owl city. either that or hello seattle. both are aaaweesome songs. haha i also got a $125 gift certificate to nordstrom. and a bunch of other stuff x).
omg i can't believe someone would try to blow up a plane on christmas. u guys heard about that, rite? well i g2g. bye!
peace, luv and vanilla twilight!
-Italapinexo <3

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas (Eve)!!!

yay!!!! it's Christmas Eve. . . 

So far, I have $165 in Christmas Money! I'm probably gonna buy the new iPod Nano (the one Anna might get), cuz my iPod "broke"..... lol more like I learned the hard way what happens when you leave an iPod in your pocket and throw your shorts in the wash.... XP

Anna got me This is Not a Book.... totally reminds me of TINAD. . . you probably do NOT know what TINAD is, it's more like an inside joke... Meli, you know what it is ;) (hint: TINAD stands for This Is NOT A Diary)

im'a so excited... i get to eat the food my sis leaves out for Santa.... and this year I convinced her to leave brownies!!!! EPIC WIN.

well, i have to go now.

Merry Christmas!!



merry christmas eve everyone!!! lol. woohoo 2moro imma go everywhere with a christmas hat on x). i'm hecca excited fur christmas tho. i might get the new ipod nano!!! the one with video yeeahhhh! aurgh i WAS going to tahoe, but a couple days ago my dad told me we weren't goin. waaaa. neways, have an awesome christmas guyzz! peace out suckaz~
-Italapinexo <3

Monday, December 21, 2009

aaaaa! sorry guys

k i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry i haven't posted in FOREVER. blogger wuzn't letting me sign in fur sum reason, but it's working now! woohoo!
yeeahhh christmas break! i'm hecca exited for Christmas/ THE NEW DECADE!!!!!! haha imma be watching abc family ALL day on christmas day cuz of the classic xmas movies they play.
lol so a christmas carol went GREAT!! tyler did wayyyyyy better than i expected. there were some people who were being really really really quiet, so that wuz like the worst that happened. no one made a noticeable mess up. i wuz watching the 1984 movie they made of A Christmas Carol. it's CREEPY. like marley is pale blue and he has huge chains and the "hunger and ignorance" kids are like half dead and the ghost of xmas future is like HELLA scary. but the movie wuz pretty kewl.
woohoo me and my dad FINALLY got christmas lights up outside they look awesome. ugh i gotta go gift shopping now haha. bye!
-Italapinexo <3

Thursday, December 17, 2009


i don't feel like putting up a fail pic rite now... just lazy.

wellwellwell..... last day of school til 2010!! We had "A Christmas Carol".... it was better than I expected, and all. 

... idk what to type about. 

so much decathlon stuff for over break!!!!! i hope im'a be able to finish it all... well, I have to, anyway. I've got to watch all the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals that are available in movie form, look through the Camera book, finish Dragonwings, read teh 9 page letter from Pope Benedict XVI, and do my logic problems.

... so much! hmmmmm im'a just boreeed!

oh, i found a hilarious site. all the pictures have nothing to do with the captions. spent half an hour on that site, actually!

well.... i have to go now, watch Carousel... XP


Friday, December 11, 2009

baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?

Don't ask bout the title, it's the first song that came on when I shuffled iTunes.

Today's FAIL:

okay, first of all, ANNA IS OK NOW!!!!!! And I wasn't that bad, cumon, even ask Anna. She sez so.

anyway.... well, my friend Angelica from Science Camp (GO WALDEN WEST!!!) invited me to come to a dance at her school, so im'a be leavin in like, 10 minutes. but anyway... hows life?

Christmas Concert last night.... EPIC FAIL. We sang "Mele Kalikimaka" (um, last time i checked, we were in cali) and "Mary Had a Baby", some Afro-American Spiritual. The guys and girls split the verses. It was actually pretty funny, the girls sing a verse, all nice and light and floaty voices. .. . and then the guys sing harmony. Which we agreed we wouldn't do. Cuz the girls weren't even singing then. I tried not to laugh. It was a very hard thing to do, but it worked.

We practiced "A Christmas Carol" from 8-10am this morning.... and we STILL couldn't get to actually physically "act out" my scene. I'm just standing there, saying my lines. Now, I have to dance w/ Chester. But he's really awkward about it, but everyone's all, "Dude, it's just like a slow dance at a dance!" But he's never been to a dance. But we'll try to work something out. But for now, we need to see if people are actually capable of memorizing lines.  The play is on THURSDAY!!! We've only blocked out 2 1/2 long scenes. There are SIX. Well, just pray for us, or something.....

ok, idk if you know this or not, but Anna and I are HEE-UGE fans of Percy Jackson. We've read all the books, cover to cover, more than once. If you've seen New Moon, you've prob seen the trailer. I have a feeling that the movie is gonna be an EPIC FAIL. I mean, Annabeth's brunette and horrible, Sally is ugly, they aged the characters 5 year, and Grover's black! Now, I'm not being racist, totally not. But having a black Grover is like having a Chinese Harry Potter! Really!

I'd type more, but i hafta go now!! luv ya



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

awwww thanks!!!!

first, u might wanna read the last post before this one if u haven't.

k, will just sent me a SUPEr nice reply. awwwww it almost made me want to cry. in a good way. so he NEVER said to sierra that he wuz only dating me cuz he didn't wanna hurt me. then he said a bunch of other nice stuff and awwwwwwwwww!!!!! i actually have a suportive boyfriend. thanks soooooo much will!
-Italapinexo <3 <3 <3

sorry to annel, but still SUPER PISSED at other people

i don't even mind saying her name now. i KNEW i couldn't trust melissa. she's always been mean. even if it wuz covered sometimes by "niceness". this mornig, she didn't talk to me. of course i didn't plan on talking to her EITHER. but again, she's "whispering" to people about how ugly i am, being HORRIBLE to both lauren and me. when i'm trying to walk out of our row of choir she puts her legs up so i have to step over them. then mass at 9am. we're all standing, and i have to give flowers to mrs. knight (our principle), i have to go out of our choir row again. melissa goes "go around." which i do, but on my way, i push her into the chair in front of her from the back. i do that when i'm getting back into the row also. she comments on my "ugly" hair, my face too, and how i'm in her way. this goes on for the whole day.
i'm ALSO hella pissed at sierra. like i said, she banded with melissa and is also being OVER THE TOP RUDE. calling me a man, ranting: "how could will like someone as UGLY as you?". all sorts of stuff. then the last straw during art. "anna,the only reason will's dating u is cuz he's sorry for you." if mrs. kirkland wasn't walking past i would've attacked her. i just said back "sierra, TYLER is only dating u cuz ur a *________*" please fill in whatever u like. that's the ONLY thing i;ve ever said back to her. i TRY to ignore her, but today i just snapped. i FRIGGING HATE HER. but what she said might be right, like i just found out from annel a couple minutes ago:

so i wuz talking to annel, rite? yes, over the fone. after a while, she goes "anna, i wuz just talking to melissa. she said Will had told her that the only reason he's dating you is cuz "i don't want to hurt anna" ". i really hope that's not true. i emailed Will a couple minutes ago asking if he really said that. i haven't gotten a reply, yet, but i hope he didn't. i feel like crying now. bye.
-me. again.

Monday, December 7, 2009


UGH I AM SO PISSED! k first of all 3-4 people are mad at me. second, EVERYONE IS MAKING FUN OF WILL. OH MY GOD. so AGAIN guess who's proven i can't trust her? MC... WTF? she's mad at me for who knows why- she WON'T EVEN tell me. and annel- she's mad at me cuz i'm happy that i'm dating will and i've been talking about him a lot today. DON'T I GET AT LEAST DAY to be happy for me and him? we JUST got together on friday's dance. i think i should get SOME TIME to be happy. AND SHE'S BEEN MAKING FUN OF WILLS LISP THIS WHOLE FRIGGING DAY I SERIOUSLY WANTED TO CRY EARLIER! AND THE GUYS DON'T HELP EITHER! and SIERRA frigging HATES ME cuz i'm dating will, and she banded together with MC who has been frigging yelling at me the whole day going "anna ur so ugly!" and 'whispering' quote-unquote to sierra "oh my god, she;s so ugly! ok, now we have lauren and her on our ugly list, who else can we add..." and "anna, can you like MOVE that thing on your head? it's kind of bugging me." and "anna! oh my god! why are you so annoying?" and whispering to annel then going "oh my god that's so funny. haha, look at anna, she's like 'what?' " and annel going "awww, i didn't get a chanthe to dith anna! let'th thee..." (translated: "aww, i didn't get a chance to dis anna! let's see...") looking straight at me like that's not gunna hurt at all. I have feelings! i can't frigging believe my BEST FRIEND would do that. she KNOWS i hate it when people do that! and i have frigging had ENOUGH of people MAKING FUN OF WILL! i punched drew (no, not in the face- in the arm, and it wuz barely hard) in daycare cuz he would NOT STOP talking with a fake lisp. jeremy too. i can't believe they don't frigging CARE HOW MUCH THEY MIGHT BE HURTING ME! annel should kno- she hates it when me or kelly makes fun of the guy she likes's name and we barely even do that! they repeatedly made fun of will and drew and jeremy didn't even stop until i yelled at them "OH MY GOD STOP!" with as serious of a face as i could have without my eyes starting to water. then of course drew goes "i'm thorry." then sees how serious i am and goes "i'm sorry. seriously." I CAN'T EVEN RANT ENOUGH ON HOW ANGRY/SAD I AM! and yeah, i;m being a little self-centered rite now, but i can't even imagine why they would do that! i REALLY hope neither of them expect me to forgive them! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD HURT ME LIKE THAT!!!! but i gotta go. i hope they read this.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

oh, just. . . stuff...

HELLOOOOO people. my weekends been SUPER busy. soccer tournament- 3rd place of the day!!!! go us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo. NOTICE i'm not mentioning ANYTHING about the dance... ok fine.

GUESS WHO HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!! me! but it's not a big deal. i guess i can use Tall Guy's (lol) name now. so Will and i have been friends since summer, and i really don't get WHY we have to go out, besides the fact that i kind of like him/ vice-versa. it hasn't changed our friendship at all, which is actually nice. i'm glad we're going out, but it kinda sux cuz i can't tell my parents and we both have to disguise going to the movies together by bringing friends (which again, i don't really mind). i still can't believe armen didn't go to the dance. but it wuz pretty awesome. i met like half the kids in will's class, who, whenever i met someone, would go "OOOOOOHH! YOU'RE anna! i feel SO sorry for u. i can't believe armen would do that." it's hilarious. i'll tell the whole story of who asked who/what happened later. ugh jeremy's still dating tatiana. can't believe him! o btw, i'll have to post this later too, but i'm riting a poem called "Tatiana: a message to jeremy" lol he already read half of it.

yay my house smells like christmas!!! we finally got the christmas tree up. k, gotta go eat dinner. bie!

Friday, December 4, 2009

i don't need no love, all i need is the DJ...

Today's FAIL:

wellwellwell.... haven't posted in a while (happy, anna? lol). So, yes, Amelia came yaaay! And I'm playing the girl who dumps Scrooge. I didn't know I had to dance, though!!! rawr.  but I memorized my lines! It wasn't that hard. I just have to say:

Can you love me, Ebenezer(btw, who names their kid "Ebenezer")? I bring no dowry to my marriage, only me, only love. It is no currency that you can buy or sell with, but we can live with it. Can you? (here's where i take off my "ring" and give it back to Young Scrooge) I release you now, Ebenezer, for the love of the man you once were. Will that man win me again, now that he is free? (then Tyler, or Old Scrooge, says something like, "No! It was not meant that way! You should not have held me to it! I was young, I did love you!" then I go,) We have never lied to one another. I hope you are happy in the life you have chosen. Good-bye. (then i run out :D)

tonight's the christmas dance, which, will PWN, but PWN second to OUR DANCE. yes. i got into an argument at fencing about how our dance is the best. and i'm proud that i defended my school :). lol.... but anyway, the "secret" to the St Simon's dance is...... OUR DJ. yuuupz, our DJ. The DJ is the father of an 8th grader at our school. And he's been our DJ ever since... idk, ever since I've known that there was such thing as a dance. But still, our dance PWNs. end of story.

Well, we got some DARE shirts on Wednesday (we have DARE in 5th and 7th grade)!!!! You know how I did the ninja thing on Saturday? well, i did that w/ my shirt, and i helped anna, too.... the result? here it is:

now, that's me on the left, obviously. it was $1 free dress day, so we ain't in uniform. Anna still hasn't put her pic up yet, but i won't do that for her. her pic on her profile is still and okapi. but anyway, i walked into Decathlon logic practice like that.... I got new best friends :D!!! lol...

Well, I have to start getting ready for the almost-PWN dance now.... luv yaaaaazzz!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009


k, as u could prbbly tell frum the title, I'M HELLA ANGRY RITE NOW. GUESS WHO'S NOT GOING TO THE DANCE ON FRIDAY????? ARMAN. OH MY GOD. if he DID go, i might actually forgive him, but he's being such a coward. i'm not THAT mean. yeah, i can't believe he would tell HIS WHOLE class that we were dating, just after dancing with me once, but even I can't hold a grudge furever. RAWR i'm so mad at him!!!!!!!!! i heard thru will that he's not going. urgh i need to stop swearing/being mad tho cuz i gotta go to penance/reconcilliation in an hour... sry it's short but bie!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"a christmas carol" + a new person!

aurgh i gotta make this quick, so imma just say one thing...
haha that wuz a fail, i wuz typing so fast i accidentally put 2 "dots" after that last sentence *but it's fixed!!!*
anyway, we picked our parts for "A Christmas Carol" today!!! imma be the First Spirit (aka ghost of x-mas past). i wuz kinda freaked out- ms eagleson called me, and i wuz like "the First Spirit" then Jante like jumped up and went "UUUGGH!!" like he wuz angry. AAAAA it scared me!!!! but guess who's Scrooge???? TYLER. THIS should be interesting . . . Annel's playing "Sweetheart" and she gets to dump "young scrooge" haha.
k other than that we have a new person!!!!!!!!!!!! same person who shadowed last week. Amelia! she's officially goin to school with us!!! i figured out her last name cuz i heard her telling ms cortes. its guasch. yes, that's how its spelled and NO i'm not making fun of it. but it does kinda sound like squash . . . NO OFFENSE!!!!! kk, g2g bies!
-Italapinexo <3

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