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Monday, December 21, 2009

aaaaa! sorry guys

k i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry i haven't posted in FOREVER. blogger wuzn't letting me sign in fur sum reason, but it's working now! woohoo!
yeeahhh christmas break! i'm hecca exited for Christmas/ THE NEW DECADE!!!!!! haha imma be watching abc family ALL day on christmas day cuz of the classic xmas movies they play.
lol so a christmas carol went GREAT!! tyler did wayyyyyy better than i expected. there were some people who were being really really really quiet, so that wuz like the worst that happened. no one made a noticeable mess up. i wuz watching the 1984 movie they made of A Christmas Carol. it's CREEPY. like marley is pale blue and he has huge chains and the "hunger and ignorance" kids are like half dead and the ghost of xmas future is like HELLA scary. but the movie wuz pretty kewl.
woohoo me and my dad FINALLY got christmas lights up outside they look awesome. ugh i gotta go gift shopping now haha. bye!
-Italapinexo <3


melisssa said...

omg u'll never guess what - i don't know if u heard but jeremy dumped mariah!!!!- over a txt 2... isn't that mean?

melissa said...

jeremy went back to his ex- tatiana

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