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Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Hey, Soul Sister"

NEW FAVORITE SONG: Hey Soul Sister by Train!!!
Great lyrics, awesome bckgrnd!! If ANYONE finds sheet music to it PLEASE tell me cuz it's not meant 4 piano so yeah!!! Thnx!
-Italapinexo <3

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Halloween Dance . . .

Woohoo! So yesterday wuz the Halloween Dance from 7-10! so fun, but the decorations kinda sucked . . . wtvs. . . danced w. 3 guys- 1 frm my class, 2 frm the school that was hosting the dance. It wuz really funny cuz i danced with this guy that i didn't know who had never danced w. a girl before. he wuz really funny tho . . . lol
Tonight I'm going 2 a Halloween Party @ my school! i'm going as my alter ego (aka a preppy blonde *the blonde part only has 2 do with the fact that i'm brunette!!!*)

They had a fog machine on the stage and strobe lights behind it so the effects were really cool . . .

I had a soccer game today!!! 8 IN THE MORNING! i wuz SOOOOOOOOOOO tired . . . we won against an undefeated team tho, so that wuz pretty cool! GO RIPTIDE!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meh First Post!!!!

Heeyyy everyone! this is my new blog . . . uh . . . sum stuff about me:
Meh 3 BFF's rock ur sox off! Annel, Allison Ngo (the hawaiablanexameneso girl!! Go 2 her blog if u have any q's . . . llisongo.blogspot.com) and Felicia! Luv 2 all u guys!
I live in the bay area CALIFORNIA BABY YEAH!!!. . . no comment on my city!!
my fave colorz: BRIGHT BLUE/ Green and purple (the 2nd half of the rainbow)
i don't really have a fave music- anything's my style!
luv my skool- tho the teachers are . . . interesting, but Ms. Geison is my fave!!!!!
I HAD braces . . . 4th grade . . . ugh!
LUV SOCCER/VOLLEYBALL (but soccerz my sport!)
Single and luvin it!!

K, sum stuff this week:
Dance 2moro (Halloween themed) wearing glow in the dark nailpolish i got last week. . . XP
kinda sux we can't wear jeans or anything . . . but i'm wearing an awesome dress that i'll post a pic of if i can figure out how! (grr! rmmbr- i JUST got this blog!!!)

gotta memorize ALL the countries in Africa by November 2nd!!! I only kno 5 . . .(dammit!! rarr!)

k, guess that's all 4 now!!! check out my site: www.watchlistenplay.weebly.com . . . thnx!

Ps. "Italapinexo" = Italian, filipino, mexican. out of those, i'm only italian, but dubbed italapinexo by ALLISON!!!!

MORE about uusss. . . ~♥.♫.Itala-nesapino.♫.♥

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