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Thursday, June 17, 2010

If You Love Me, Won't You Let Me Know?

...Love that song. Violet Hill. I didn't know it until a month ago x( And I'm startin to think, you know... Just, tryna make sense but yet not give too much... I'm thinkin' this song meant a lot to somebody I know, and that person tried to get the message across using this song... :( But idk if I'm just overthinking a simple situation or not. So... yeah. 

If you love me, won't you let me know? ....I do, and I'm tellin' you now.

<3 :D haha.

So.... well obviously we haven't been here in a while, specially anna ahaha. Not much goin' on, actually... Well, I guess there is. Lemme see...

Summer started on the 8th, last day o' school :DD. Went to FroYo with Kell, Felicia, Amelia and Isabelle. Got "pulled over" by a cop while climbing Amelia's fence xD But we explained.  Kelly... well Kelly and I had a little "texting" fun, ahem. >.>


Aaaah I'm goin to Atlanta in two weeks for Summer Nationals!! :D Pre-Nat'ls camp starts next week, can't wait! ...cept for the fact that apparently, the dude heading camp has  PhD in FENCING. When we found that out, we were like, "whaaaa...?! PhD in fencing? DAYUM!!!". Yea, I'd love to be Doctor Annel xDD.


Josh en I are writin' a song xDD aha. He talked to me and was all, "I need help coming up with a title and lyrics for a song I wrote... I have the music." and I just went kuh-ray-zee. "OMG I'll totally help you!!" He sent me like the music and all it was so kewll. It's almost done, just a few changes needa be made and it's awlll set xDD ...We're so proud of ourselves xD. And like, when he sent me the file and I played it on my computer, it almost made me cry. I mean, his music was so beautiful, I felt like if I added lyrics, it would, like, defile its beauty or something. (Haha, okay, getting all dramatic here). But really. 


Every day, I wonder why the best musicians are Unsigned and are on Youtube. I mean, really. You've got AJ Rafael and Gabe Bondoc. LOVE them soooooooo much. ^_^ My favorite songs are When You Say (Nine) [gabeeee] and When We Say (Juicebox) [ayjay]. They are so talented, and I just had to talk about them.

nelli ♥

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

is my name really THAT hard?!

...went downtown again... i swear to god, starbucks can't spell my name. i dont even use anneliese i use annel ahaha and yet they stil got it wrong again. x) it was actually preeetty funny but neway

remember last time i went downtown they put "anau" on my cup? well this is wat i got yesterday:

yuuup that says "anall".... >.> lol its like that one time out sub called me "anal"... rrrrg!!!

>.< well anyway just a quick update, cuz not much happened, were on spring break right now, and yeah basically yesterday i went downtown with tim, sophia, and felicia !!!

anna went to carmel, and they're all hanging out again today, but i cant cuz i gotta cleeeeeaaaan el casa, more family's comin over.

gotta gooooo

much luvs

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Saturday, April 3, 2010


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Friday, March 26, 2010


whoa?! hav u SEEN the view counter?! i mean, i actually came at the right time... i opened up the blog and i saw:

awww yeah!!!!!

thank u soooo much for 1000 hits, and yes i mean the 1000th was probably me, cuz i changed the template, but seriously. 1000. sweet!

and fyi, i installed the view counter about a month after anna started the blog. isnt that awesome? 

neway so yes, i changed teh template. hope anna likes it. ahaha the background pic reminds me of the pix matt takes w/ his phone.

welwelwel.... hmmm not much to talk about....

well a couple of teh guys are in Dallas for NAC E (i think its nac e), and i WOULD be there, but i missed 1996 by a month :( so yeah... i'm here.... not at the nac... *tear* :'(

ahaha wel that, and i had to turn down the visit to great america a buncha people invited me to on sunday... more tears TToTT ... cuz i hav to sing. at a school event. on a sunday. the national anthem. at noon.... well that, and i can't afford even a single visit. $30 is all it is, but i have some more things i have to save for. more important than Great America. yes, it sound just wrong but... its true. *more crying* wow im dramatic... lol like that one time in class:

(talking with anna) "I HATE when that happens!"
Ms. Eagleson (idk HOW she heard me): "Annel, don't you think it's a bit early in the morning to say the word hate? Well hate is a strong word anyway."
Me: Umm..... I very strongly dislike it with a white-hot fiery burning passion....?
Ms. Eagleson: much better... :) *goes back to grading our goal sheets*

ahaha much luvs 

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

my procrastination for posting

you guys want a fail? here's one: my post frequency :P

lol sorry i have not had a lot of time on my hands... well sooo much to talk about! well i guess i'll start with yesterday... 

went downtown with kelly, felicia, sophia and tim yesterday!!! so fuuuunnnn ahaha. well here's some pix to highlight our day:

after meeting up with them at the park, we walked to bean scene, and had tim take out picture.

me, felicia, kelly (with her sprite) and sophia

then we walked to starbucks, because i was in desperate need of a caramel frappucino.

kelly and felicia trailed behind and took the pic. tim, me (duh, im always the short one), and sophia.

the walk was... interesting.

fail: tim trying to avoid the camera

chasing tim down the street... i still don't remember why.

mocking sight for sore eyes

finally got to starbucks!!! i got my caramel frap, but then i see that they spelled my name wrong... epicly. wasn't even close.

if you don't see that, that says "anau".

felicia's got some buddies!!!


we went to the library after... and split up to look for our classmate sean... we found him after half an hour in the library and a trip to cvs pharmacy! my camera ran out of battery so we didn't get that :( so basically after that we went to kelly's house to play halo 2 (she has and xbox... no, not the 360, and XBOX xbox). to say the least, i got PWNED.


so that was yesterday. today all i did was fence at the syc. 6th place! :) im fencing in the y14s tomorrow, same w/ the guys.... according to the sheet th guys fencing are johny, josh, michael, matt, sergio, and andrew... rawr i hate being the only girl who competes at the club... and ak and april dont come as often as i do... camila's in epee now so yeah... imma be the only girl in the national team pic shweeeeeetnesh ahaha

well i have to go now... uh-buh-byyyye

luv "anau" :P


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ahaha sry

hey. if anyone even reads this anymoorree.... welll today i realized how i haven't posted since like january.... lol lisnin to Your Love Is My Drug by ke$ha.... luv the ending!!! "your love, your love, your love... is my drug. i like your beard." hehe hecca funny x). listen to that song if u haven't!!!!!

welll i just borrowed a bunch of music frm annel.... heres a list of stuff i need to take OFF of my iPod:

--Things that rhyme with orange (ismfof)
--bedrock (Young Money)
--Ego (Beyonce)
--SONGS BY PARAMORE (no offense annel haha)
--Nobody (wondergirls.... most annoying kid song EVER)
--According to You (orianthi *?*)

--In My Head (Jason Derulo.... that song is just.... ughhh *shiver*)

that's all i can think of rite now. k weelllll alot of stuff has happened.... will broke up with me. LONG story that im not gunna explain cuz no one reads this. think of him every time i hear the song i'm on a boat... hehe yet another long story that u would've had to be at summer camp to find funny. and our science teacher just reminded us that we have a boat trip next monday.... our homeroom teacher wuz like "so you guys are gunna be on a boat" i wuz so sad.
bleah im home sick today.... accidentally ate moldy bread x(. bleahehehe watching spongebob rite now cuz theres nuthin else. later~
-Italapinexo ☼♥♫

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar and Pocahontas

okay. . . you know how Anna said that some people think it's a reenactment of Pocahontas? Well, I personally think that's kinda cute/funny, and I saw a FAIL on failblog recently. . .

epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

which i personally think is cool . . .

ahaha character/superhero day today!!! i was a ninja. . . pwnge, man, pwnge!

idk really what else to type about, i just felt like posting that avatar thing and crapp. . . .


Monday, January 11, 2010

Can't people just enjoy movies anymore???

k, so there's been a bunch of so-called "subliminal messaging" in the movie Avatar. People say that it's displaying an "environmentalist view on the future", that it's trying to make people think of how they treat the earth, that it's a re-enactment of pochahantas (spelling?), and the newest one: that there are RACIST themes!!!! SERIOUSLY, just because the main character was white, and he's saving people frm a different race, ALL of a sudden the movie is RACIST. what if he JUST SO HAPPENED to be the best person for that role in the movie? there is NOTHING rong with having a white main character! it's not like white people are the only ones who are ever the main character! think of ALL the movies will smith or denzel washington! ugh. thus the title of this post. can't people just enjoy movies anymore???
-Italapinexo <3

Sunday, January 10, 2010

♫ Flower Drum Song ♫ and AVATAR


. . . and that was today's random evil laughter.

I was gonna post about this last night, cuz I was just boreeeeeed and all...

I watched Flower Drum Song, for like, the 5th time yesterday, but it's just so good!! . . . almost cried, even. . . TT_TT the part where Mei Li tries to explain to Ta why her "heart hurts so much" but she can't exactly explain it to him with her broken english and all.... and of course, she runs away from him not realizing she still loves him...

gonna watch Avatar in 3D with Sophie today!!! XP it was a last-minute thing we came up with over Google chat.... 

I was so bored yesterday! My chat statuses (lol is that a word?) were just the lines of some songs I was listening to. . . had a chat singalong (ahaha) w Johny over chat, talked w Anna about her interesting experience at the movies that had to do with cancels and Guitar Hero, and did more Decathlon studying..... AAAAHHH CAMERAS!!!!

not the most exciting subject. . . it's just that the Musical arts topic comes packaged together with the Visual Arts and all. . . so i have no choice.


ahaha u prbbly wanna slap me for that now... i wrote "THE GAME" on my hand yesterday and gave Josh and Johny high-fives.... XD day well spent. 

I have more Ke$ha songs stuck in my head again. . .

♪♫What you've got boy is hard to find/I think about it all the time♫♪

and of course....

♪♫I'm sick and tired of the mess you made me/Never gonna catch me cry/You must be blind if you can't see/You'll miss me til the day you die/Without Me/You're Nothing/You must be blind if you can't see/You'll miss me til the day you die♫♪

. . . bord agen.....

well then uh-buh-bye....

luv ya


Friday, January 8, 2010

bangs and blind boys

ehhmigohhh i cut my hair and now i have bangz!!!

mmhmm thats me now... lolz

omg new favorite song!!! Blind by Ke$ha! it's on the side, top box, click play!!! Anna introduced it to me, and i just fell in love with it... it's like, MY song. well, not all of it, but i really kinda connect with the line "you must be blind if you can't see you'll miss me 'til the day you die". . .

like, that's what most of anna's comments are about him, haha u probably don't know who i mean by him unless. . . well i probably know you if you do or what. . . or are you, the person reading this, are you him? hmm. . . well then. . .  XD  as you may know, i'm a very musically-oriented person, like, music is my life (and my friend johny usually says "Amen!" wen i say that, idk y lolz but o well) but anyway

ahaha anna and i have a new lil' somewhat inside joke. . . pants. lolz LOOOOONG story. let's just say i was explaining the musicals i had to watch for decathlon. using stick figures on a piece of paper. in library with mrs ayers....

anna now has to come over and watch "Flower Drum Song" w/ me!!!

omgomgomgomg!!!! i hope anna doesn't mind...

shes going to the movies with will tomorrow!!!! ahh!!! well im kinda sad bout that, cuz anna was all, "omg u have to come, my mom says one of my friends has to be there, and it's like, right by your fencing on saturday!" and i'm all "omgomgomg wat time?!" and she goes "around 11am" and. ..  waaaa i have fencing then!!! TT_TT

oh well..... im'a be praying for her, just know that... she said she had this weird feeling that Will was gon' like, break up with her or something! like, how is that possible, they are just perfect and completely love each other!!!

aaa i hafta go now...

luv ya


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy (Very Late) New Year....

aaaahh!!! i haven't posted since last year!!!! lol literally but ya u know what i mean. . .

so, yeah, 2009 was pretty cool, and i spent some'a my last days in LA. . .

mmkay, from left to right, it's Kuya Carlo, Kuya Kris, Ate Hazel, behind Ate Hazel's head is Ate Irish, then ME! And then there's Ate Gen, and Kuya JayJay.... Kuya Joseph is blocked by the polka-dot stuffed fish thingy..... this i guess can be a FAIL in itself :D

here's another one:

kay, same people, but now you can see Ate Irish and Kuya Joseph better... two middle people, top row. . . 

.  . . I went home sick today. :( but im'a feeling better, and i'm going to fencing soon!!

got my iPod Touch taken away last night, whoops.... well i don't know when im'a getting it back now, but oh well, i'll just wait.

omg anna and i have a new favorite song: Blind by Ke$ha!!!! ehhmigohh well Anna introduced it to me, and I downloaded it. . . it's like, MY song now, if you know what I mean. the chorus. . . well, the chorus just kinda screams "ANNEL'S STORY!" kinda, but. . . well part of it, it's a good song, look it up!

Vanilla Twilight, love that too now, but. . . well you'll just have to ask Anna what that song's done to her now, well, ah-hem, missy banANNA. . . lolz i just love calling her that^-^

i did my science project yesterday!!

oh well i have to go to fencing now, buh-bye!!

luv ya,


Monday, January 4, 2010

Star Trek o_o

official best movie eeevva!!! star trek rox my socks off!!! yes, i didn't see it until yesterday but wtvs it's AAWESOMMMEE! if u haven't seen it yet u should x). omg the guy that plays cptn kirk is HOTT!! i don't even kno wat his name is.... wtvs tho haha. sry this is short!
-Italapinexo <3

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