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Saturday, March 20, 2010

my procrastination for posting

you guys want a fail? here's one: my post frequency :P

lol sorry i have not had a lot of time on my hands... well sooo much to talk about! well i guess i'll start with yesterday... 

went downtown with kelly, felicia, sophia and tim yesterday!!! so fuuuunnnn ahaha. well here's some pix to highlight our day:

after meeting up with them at the park, we walked to bean scene, and had tim take out picture.

me, felicia, kelly (with her sprite) and sophia

then we walked to starbucks, because i was in desperate need of a caramel frappucino.

kelly and felicia trailed behind and took the pic. tim, me (duh, im always the short one), and sophia.

the walk was... interesting.

fail: tim trying to avoid the camera

chasing tim down the street... i still don't remember why.

mocking sight for sore eyes

finally got to starbucks!!! i got my caramel frap, but then i see that they spelled my name wrong... epicly. wasn't even close.

if you don't see that, that says "anau".

felicia's got some buddies!!!


we went to the library after... and split up to look for our classmate sean... we found him after half an hour in the library and a trip to cvs pharmacy! my camera ran out of battery so we didn't get that :( so basically after that we went to kelly's house to play halo 2 (she has and xbox... no, not the 360, and XBOX xbox). to say the least, i got PWNED.


so that was yesterday. today all i did was fence at the syc. 6th place! :) im fencing in the y14s tomorrow, same w/ the guys.... according to the sheet th guys fencing are johny, josh, michael, matt, sergio, and andrew... rawr i hate being the only girl who competes at the club... and ak and april dont come as often as i do... camila's in epee now so yeah... imma be the only girl in the national team pic shweeeeeetnesh ahaha

well i have to go now... uh-buh-byyyye

luv "anau" :P


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