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Friday, March 26, 2010


whoa?! hav u SEEN the view counter?! i mean, i actually came at the right time... i opened up the blog and i saw:

awww yeah!!!!!

thank u soooo much for 1000 hits, and yes i mean the 1000th was probably me, cuz i changed the template, but seriously. 1000. sweet!

and fyi, i installed the view counter about a month after anna started the blog. isnt that awesome? 

neway so yes, i changed teh template. hope anna likes it. ahaha the background pic reminds me of the pix matt takes w/ his phone.

welwelwel.... hmmm not much to talk about....

well a couple of teh guys are in Dallas for NAC E (i think its nac e), and i WOULD be there, but i missed 1996 by a month :( so yeah... i'm here.... not at the nac... *tear* :'(

ahaha wel that, and i had to turn down the visit to great america a buncha people invited me to on sunday... more tears TToTT ... cuz i hav to sing. at a school event. on a sunday. the national anthem. at noon.... well that, and i can't afford even a single visit. $30 is all it is, but i have some more things i have to save for. more important than Great America. yes, it sound just wrong but... its true. *more crying* wow im dramatic... lol like that one time in class:

(talking with anna) "I HATE when that happens!"
Ms. Eagleson (idk HOW she heard me): "Annel, don't you think it's a bit early in the morning to say the word hate? Well hate is a strong word anyway."
Me: Umm..... I very strongly dislike it with a white-hot fiery burning passion....?
Ms. Eagleson: much better... :) *goes back to grading our goal sheets*

ahaha much luvs 

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