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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dragonwings (a cool title!)

Today's FAIL(s):

this is for yesterday, lemme explain today's FAIL, cuz it actually happened to me/us people in our school.

So, we had an Advent wreath prayer service, and we all stood around the table (yes, all the students), and used the overhead for prayers and stuff.  So, we all had to do a prayer, and right in the middle, the overhead transparency fell off. We all stopped praying. Meli, who was behind me, said, "That's today's FAIL, Annel." I had to keep myself from laughing so hard. So, there you have it; two FAILS!

Well. . . hmmm I gotta cut squares of tissue paper cuz of course, Ms Hilario just has to pick me, Scott, and Sophia for the Penance service readers....

I found my copy of Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep yaay!!! I thought I left it @ fencing or smthng, but no, it was in my dad's car. Dragonwings is the book we're reading for Decathlon Super Quiz, and I haven't really gotten far yet.... Lauren said it's boring. im'a take her word for it. But I still have to read it. I organized my Decathlon binder today, i'm so proud of myself! One of the first organized things i've done for myself in a while.... lol
rawr i've got so much to work on for Decathlon! I have Fine Arts as my individual subject, but since Fine Arts has two sections (Visual Art and Music), I have to give two days' time instead of the normal one. Then everyone is reading Dragonwings for Literature Super Quiz, and I also volunteered to do Religion Super Quiz (idk wth i was thinking!!!). Oh well, I guess im'a just have to prove myself and show that I can juggle schoolwork, student council, decathlon, extracurricular music, and fencing (that's, like, my ONLY sport, except for when volleyball season comes around).

rotflol, Josh emailed me some of his sentences. Apparently, I slip on something, Jonathan feels bad for me, invites me to a Lady GaGa concert, I turn down the offer, and then we study. And that's only the first 3 sentences. awkward..... MWAHAHAHAHAHA but I gave Josh an absolutely "creative", unique, hilariously devious idea for another sentence.... pssshhh like I'll announce it rite here.... in ur dreams ;-)

Well. . . . I guess I'll go back to reading and cutting now...



haha, me and annel are riting a post @ the same time...

OH EM GEE!!! Alleesooowwwn looked like a lion today!!!! she curled her hair *super ceeeute!* OMG she should totally wear it to the dance on friday like that!!! I HAVE TO INTRODUCE HER TO 'TALL GUY' !!!! lol it's sooooo weird calling w- i mean HIM "tall guy". anywaysss i'll post a pic of her hair up soon!!! i took a pic w. my camera today during recess . . . YES in the girls bathroom it's like illegal to have a camera at school . . . SHHHH!!!

aurgh i skipped the fail of the day on this post... imma too lazy

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA annel rote a poem today!! super sweet!

ahaaaa! imma so happy! tall guy lOVVVES my dress. he kept mentioning it in a couple replies this weekend cuz i sent him a pic.

ANNEL U POST TOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! u have like two posts a day on the weekend!!! i need sum ownership here!!!
btw HEELLOOOO to all annel's friends frum fencing... u guys sound super awesome of what i've heard. josh- AWESOME vocab sentences... annel's told me like 2 or 3. CAMILA I HAVE TO MEET U!!!! haha, i kno WAY more about fencing than i should BECAUSE OF SOMEONE *cough cough ANNEL* but wtvs...
waaa gotta go! bie people!!!
-Italapinexo <3

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frisco... again

ok, 1st of all, I'm in Frisco, and I can't get a FAIL pic up, sorry, I'll put up 2 pix next time I post.

Yes, I had a "run-in" with SOMEONE (sry, can't italicize, im using a cel fone) on chat. And to you nosy people trying to figure out who, toobad, cuz those of u who know me know that I have a bunch of ppl on my chat-IM list.... haha I win :P. Well, sry this is short, but ig2g.


chicken potstickers and tonsilitus

Who wants to buy a koal- wait shark- no . . . hmm . . .
this is a fail if i've ever seen one. i wonder if its real!
yummm chicken potstickers fur lunch today!!! yeah, thats wut i thought . . . they were really good, if u've ever eaten trader joe's potstickers u would kno. but THEN i bit into the last one. it tasted kind of funny. i look at wut i bit- IT WUZ MOLDY. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! BEYOND GROSS! uggghhh! i can't believe i even ate those!!! k on to tonsilitus . . .
I MIGHT HAVE TONSILITUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my throat wuz really sore last nite after i got back frum Carmel w. my family, and my dad looked @ my throat and said my tonsils were really puffy, and they still are rite now. i might have to get them taken out!!! imma goin to a doctor tomorrow to see if i need them taken out.
it wuz soooooo cool: yesterday, me & my family got to the beach in carmel when the sun wuz setting!!! i got sum really kewl pics that imma post up here later.
awww, soo sweet: annel had a run-in over chat with the guy she likes. i won't give any details, but they chatted fur preeeetty long . . . the end wuz sweet.
aurgh someone remind me to send annel the pics of my dress cuz i might furget.
ugh i do NOT like ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha, weird way to end a post, but bie!!!
-Italapinexo <3

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'M A NINJA!!!!!!

k, I just got this from Josh, so here's a FAIL: 

k, so, anyway, NINJA! To get this straight, fencing today was like ninja training camp. Hurdles made with chairs and foils, sprints around the hurdles (like, zigzag), 15 minutes of nonstop running around the salle, etc. And I didn't come up with the "ninja" name on my own, Josh did. But then again, Saturdays are conditioning days, and everything sucks. Especially jump rope. Not individual, but the long rope that everyone jumps with, that Alexander spins and tortures you with. It pretty much sucks, and you have to do pushups. But nobody even does pushups, just, like, 1 or 2. Or, we do "Camila" pushups... lol, but you'd have had to be there to get what I'm saying. Slacking off during pushups is common, but I still feel totally ninja....

yuuup, that's me with a ninja "mask" on.... its actually a tshirt. brilliance from youtube :D.
reminds me of nigahiga and stuff. so now, i'm probably gonna go greet my friends on monday (or maybe tomorrow, at church) by saying, "hwai-ya! I'm ninja!"

omg can u believe they're already playing CHRISTMAS SONGS on the radio???? yes, they are. it's not even december yet. but then again, in the philippines, some people break out the parol (if you don't kno wat that is, im'a put a picture at the bottom so you'll see) and tree once the "ber" months hit. Like, septemBER, octoBER, you get it. and guess whose family put the tree up today? yuuup, moi. 

idk if i should wear my hi-tops or my low-top converse with my outfit for the dance... here we go again... *rolls eyes* oh well, i'll just ask Anna and send her pix....

like how she sent pix to the tall guy, cough cough (she's lucky i'm not saying his name out right now). she sent them to him before me... he actually said her dress was really nice.... ooooooh Anna! sorry... haha

. . . . so boreed.... now, usually, when i'm bored, i just pull out my guitar and play all the songs i know, which actually are a lot (which i realized on thanksgiving, when i was playing guitar and singing w/ cuzins, and i just kept playing one after the other). but i think i've had enough "Crazier" and "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift and "The Call" by Regina Spektor and "My Heart" by Paramore, and . . .. . . u kno, i don't really wanna keep typing if this is all I'm gonna type about....

AK and I spent, like, 10 minutes talking about Glee when we should've been suiting up... I caught her up on the last 2 weeks, you shoulda seen her face when I told her about Rachel having a crush on Mr Schuester last week.

hmmm...... i guess im'a done now... nothing else to say♥♥♥♥


oh, and if you don't know what a parol is, here it is: a parol is one of those lantern things that's usually a star shape, they're usually made in the phils

Friday, November 27, 2009


Today's FAIL:

hmmm.... as you can tell, my day today was boring. Except for my waking up early to go shopping for a top for the Christmas Dance, today was average/boring. I got home, chatted online, emailed, and now I'm in Frisco, at my uncle's house. Watching "Just Like Heaven". It's actually a good movie, I haven't seen it in a long time, though. But I'm on the other side of the apartment, while everyone else is on the couch watching Mark Ruffalo walk away because Reese Witherspoon can't remember him after waking up from a coma.

. . . . . . . .haha, it's John Heder!!!!! Up on screen. Well, idk what else to talk/type about...

Well, last night I was with my second cousins, Gina and Danielle (not sisters), but we had a really awesome time. Had so much piiiiiiie! And guess what I had for breakfast??? Yup, leftover pie.

ewie..... now my sister's watching Spongebob. XP I'm gonna end up w/ nightmares.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


BEST. PIE. EVER. picture as promised.
if you don't get this, read my post below the post below mine... (anna's) XD


HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! and an epic revalation

haha. happy turkey day everyone!!! is anyone going shopping tomorrow (black friday)? yes? no? if i ever get the chance, i want to.
anyway, found the pic to the left like 5 seconds ago. aurgh! i gotta put a pic of me up soon. hey, learned this in science on friday: the thing over a turkey's nose is called a snood. LOL my sis is watching "the brady bunch" rite now. i didn't even kno they still played that!!! its like frm the 70's! their hair is HI-LAR-I-OUS. i didn't kno girls could have mullets... creepy!
YUUUMMMM... the turkey my dad is cooking smells SOOOOO good! it's been cooking fur like 4 hours and its ALMOST done. so weird: this year we're not having regular apple cider. my dad said they didn't have any at the store so we have: apple/cranberry cider and apple/pomegranete (sp?). u can barely taste the pom in the second type so i'm going with that.
OMG ANNEL I LUV UR NAILS!!!! u gotta send me a better pic!
haha, today me and my sis watched Fiddler on the Roof . . . it wuz interesting to say the least. actually pretty funny, but the ending kinda sucked. not a huge climax, and i REALLY don't get how the title had anything to do with the plot except fur the part that there wuz a who followed the dad around fur like 5 seconds in two scenes . . .
awwww! the panda fail is so sad!!! i wonder how they got that pic. . .
lol someone froze the cheese!!!! i wuz gunna eat cheese w. bread like an hour ago but someone put it in the freezer . . . my mom just told me that its thawed out so imma go try it in a minute.
hey, u guys saw adam lamberts ama preformance rite? omg dude! he's turned worse than he already wuz! HE KISSED A GUY AND LIKE SHOVED SOME GIRLS FACE INTO HIS DICK. ugh! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM. not that i cant tell, but that wuz WAY over the top. it wuz f'ing crap. GROSS.
guess who invited me to the next good movie????? haha, the tall guy whose name i've only mentioned twice on accident, yeahhhh!!! imma so excited!!!
k, by now ur prbbly wondering what my revalation wuz:
I'm officially agreeing with Kelly and everyone else;
ur welcome everyone! u can now stop arguing with me about that. XD k meh dad's calling me downstairs bie(haha, annel, u'll get the "bie" thing)!!!!!

Turkey Day!!!!

Today's FAIL: 

Happy Turkey Day!!!!! Thanksgiving just sounds a bit meh, if you know what I mean, so Turkey Day: my official title!

Well, having a buncha people over, mostly my flip family, it's probably gonna be more crowded than the day of the Pacquiao fight. Also having a baby shower for my dad's cousin in about an hour.

Well, I FINALLY get a break.... just kicked back last night, watched Glee, did my nails (we can't even have nail polish at our school :( ), ya know. I think I did a pretty awesome job there, red and black, my fencing colors!!!!

<- yes, that's a very weird face I've got on, but I did that on purpose. Just did a red and random black stripes. I tried black w/ red stripes, but then it looked weird, like Twilight or something....

 Speaking of Twilight: NEW MOON! rawr, All people are talking about now is the New Moon movie and I'm fine with that, Twilight is okay, but I can't take everyone yelling about it. Jimi, who I sit next to, was making fun of it, actually. He turned to me with a gay voice and went, "Annel, do you support Team Edwaaard, or Team Ja-COB????" 

Hilarious. I was all, "Well, Edward's made for Bella, but JACOB IS WAY HOTTER!"

Now, see how I spelled rawr there? Anna finally surrendered and accepted that "rawr" is spelled with a W!!!! I was talking with AK at fencing on Tuesday, and she said rarr just looks weird. 

You know how on Turkey Day, people usually have Pumpkin Pie? Well, there's actually something BETTER than pumpkin pie. Oh ya, I went there. But wait til you hear what I'm talking about. Harvest Pie. Coco's Harvest Pie. It's Pumpkin pie underneath, but on top is pumpkin mousse, and then whipped cream and (I think it's) cinnamon. I'll get a pic up later. This is the BEST PIE EVER!!!! I told my awesome History teacher about it, and she asked me where to get it and stuff..... IM'A STUFF MY FACE WITH THIS JUNK!!!! XD

Well..... what else to say????

Just: Stuff your face, clean off the Pumpkin pie, and (if you're a girl, mostly) make sure you get enough sleep for Black Friday shopping!!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKSGIVING!!!! and "misogyny". . .

Today's FAIL: 

wellwellwell. . . today, im'a just boreedd. .. had school today, last day before Thanksgiving Break. Like Anna-Banana said, there was Josh Groban, and slideshows, and crap like that. . .

Christmas Dance next week! Found an outfit today.... just need a top, and I'm set XD.

We had a themed assembly today, ah, the joys of being on Student Council. . . bleah.

Normal day, ya know: Math (had a math test, ew), Science (fell asleep like usual), Religion, and then the prayer service. ....

I found out what "misogyny" means. . . it means:

hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. can't WAIT to see the sentence. . .XD

I know this is short and crap, but I gotta go....


my first fail of the day

ELLO EVERYONE!!!! happy almost thanksgiving! haha, this fail kinda sux, but i feel sorry fur the kitty. PLEASE tell me why like half the fails i see have to do with cats!!! i kno theres like that book called "can i haz cheezeburger" or smthn (btw, that book looks hilariously stupid) i'm gunna call this one Revenge of Tweety. hey look! i just realized if u look REALLY closely on the bottom of the pic it says "can i haz cheezeburger.com". wow i'm smart! lol.
k, yesterday SOMEONE invited me to the movies so i'm SUPER HAPPY about that!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! happy scream...
today wuz the thanksgiving prayer service at school. Mrs. Aeres (or however u spell that) gave a speech about Bud Cordoza, the fix-it guy who died. it wuz SO sad! she like broke down in the middle of the speech. then they showed this vid with ANOTHER josh groban song (go ms. o'neal) that included "beautiful scenery" and animals and stuff that said "in memory of Bud Cordoza, 1921-2009" it wuz a kind of depressing way to end the day. but wtvs!
has ANYONE had turducken before???? if u have PUHLEASE tell me cuz i really wanna try it.
yum! if u haven't tried peppermint bark before you HAVE TO CUZ ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! last week i went to Frisco fur my sis's bday and i had like a giant block of white chocolate. XD
someone give me a movie review on Old Dogs, cuz i just read a review on yahoo and it's supposed to be horrible . . .
-Italapinexo <3

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

R.I.P. and other stuff

 Today's FAIL: 

Ok, although this following part of a post is very contrasting to the FAIL thing, here I go:

Though I never knew you, Rest In Peace, Bud Cordoza

Okay, this morning was depressing-ish. We found out that a staff member's (at school) dad died. He was the school handyman, and he fixed all the broken desks and everything. And then we found out that Ameera in 8th Grade's grandfather passed away last night.....

We had a moment of silence in Language Arts today, as it was our first period class, and that's when we found out everything. It was so depressing, I wrote another poem. It was about death, but, no, not about Mr Cordoza. It's just. . . a poem. At first it looked emo, but I read over it and Sierra and Kelly read it later in the day ("Holy crap, Annel! That's good!"). I just kinda tried to imagine if someone I loved died. Not like, family loved, but. .. well, you get it. It's kinda long, but only because I used short lines.

Death of a Love

there's nothing wrong with dreaming
or wishing you were here
doomed, my life is seeming
as I wipe away my tears

please take with you the memories
that I cherish so
I don't need them, for in my heart
is love that you have sown

my heart drops as I see you
with your peaceful smile
one that I -- just to see --
would walk for a million mile

can't stop my heart from racing
as sadness blurs my eyes
it was always difficult
for me to say good-byes

may your soul float safely
for mine, in grief, will wander
as this longing absence 
will make the heart grow fonder

-Annel G

Ok, so, ya. That took me about 10 minutes to write in Language Arts. And I intentionally write all the lines with lowercase letters, unless I have to, like the word "I" and names. That's how all my poems go (haha, all. . . more like three or four)

Well, today is the one-week anniversary of Anna's "being screwed over by emotions", which she posted about last week and I wrote about as well.

Click the words to read the posts, if you haven't already. . .  

Normal day, checked in for Student Council, ya know. In History, we finally finished "The Lost Boys of Sudan". I love that movie/documentary thing! It's so touching.

Had Jamba Juice after school!!!!!! GHJ, gotta have jamba! Aw ya so kickass; I downed a Mango-A-Go-Go (that is what it's called, right? sorry, brain freeze!!! Literally!) If there's one thing that there is to hate about Jamba Juice (*gasp!* oh, yeah, i went there...), it's the HUGE brain freeze I get after just taking one sip. I stick my thumb to the roof of my mouth so it stops, but it doesn't work all the time, so, of course, I'm sitting there holding my head going "AAAHH!!! BRAIN FREEZE!!!!" but then again, that's something Camila would do, as what I just gave is an exaggeration.

hmmm, what else today??? GRRR I just lost the game. And you did, too. Well, what else was I gonna say? Well, there's one thing:
Cuz Josh told me about some vocab sentences, and I have to do with one of the sentences, and the word is "misogyny". I guess I'll just ask him tonight at fencing......

I need everyone else to sign my foil!!! I only have Josh and Jonathan (he signed it 'jonny', which is why I called him that in my last post. . .), who signed it on Saturday. Camila doesn't come on Tuesdays anymore, so I don't have to worry about her writing random "Annie" lyrics on my bellguard. . . XD

The Christmas dance is next Friday at St. Simon's. . . I guess I'll just get an outfit while Black Friday shopping. . . rawr, this is the last dance where my mom's gonna give me money for the entrance fee. Then im'a on my own..... $7, that's not a lot. . . unless you're me, who is broke cuz of betting and IOU's (for other people, not gov't) and crap. . . bleah!

Well, I don't know what else to type. . . . Well, I'm gonna go watch Glee on hulu now!!!




Monday, November 23, 2009


helloooo everyone!k, u'll get the pic of pie if u read later into the post. i'm super bored so i'm gunna do sumthin i did on my old blog a long time ago: rite a whole paragraph/post w.out using the delete button! u get to see all my mistakes! lucky u! (aurgh sarcasm) the words in perenthases will be what i meant to say. starting . . .

props to annel fur starting the whole daily fail thing. that wuz super smafrt and hopefully i'll be anble (able() to contingue that, but i just have to figure out ohw (how) to put a fpoic (pic) on a post. wait . . .

hmm did that work??? gr, it say's it's downloading my pic, but its mbeing really slow so i'll just have to telst (test) that later . . . o wait, it just appeared at the top. yummmm pie!!!

aurghh i wish i could've gone to the mitty opern (open) howuse (house) on sunday. they do have a HEEEEEE-UUUUGE campus- i've been ion (on() it before 4 sumones gradutation (graduation). dapparentlay (apparently) *well, this is abccording to Annel*

it's horrible there iand i would NOT wanto (want to) go there.

YEAAYYYYYYYY!! today allison taught me how to draw a loiion (lion)!!!! ees soo cute!!!

we had a shadow today. her name wuz Amelia!!! she wuz so cool! hopefully she''ll fcome (come) to SJMV. no, annel, she will NEVER EVER EVER EVER replace u!!!! k, g2g bye! (lol, hope u enjoyed the whole "post without a delete key" thing!!!)

-Italapinexo <3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fencing - and The Game

Today's FAIL:

Ok. . . hmmmm so what's been going on today?

Well, since there was the Mitty Open House today at 9, and I didn't go to church yesterday, and my parents just HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEKEND, I had to go to mass at 7:30 in the morning.  Yes, 7:30. Then, my whole family went to Mitty. Now, Mitty's cool and everything, the academics and sports are hella good, and they've got a hee-ooge campus. But I came out knowing one thing: I want to go to St. Francis. Yes..... Mitty had good presentation, but I didn't feel really comfortable there.... haha, and I should be saying this, the girl who wanted to really go to Mitty and used to not even THINK about St. Francis? Yeah, it kinda happened at a High School Info night I went to in September. Anna and I saw both Mitty and St. Francis, and St. Francis was actually really good. And then we went to the Open House. And realized that St. Francis was awesome. I'm sorry for not liking St. Francis. Really.

Now, after that, I went to see the guys' tournament at Stanford!!! I was a bit late, and I got there to find Matt, Sergio, Andrew (who I didn't know was fencing), Jonathan (rawr, I forgot to call him 'Jonny' again, apparently a bunch of ppl do, AK and I were talking about that), and Josh taking their break after the pools. Sergio was hugging people. Again. Scary. I know.

But anyway, so yeah, I saw their DEs; then Jonny and Marco went to fence in Juniors. I had to go after Juniors started, and when I left, Jonny was about to fence Brian H. He's apparently really good. Rawr, I didn't get to see the result of the bout... Oh well.

Well, what else was I gonna talk about? Oh yeah, The Game.

I'm sure many people know about The Game, and if you do, you just lost it.
If you don't know the game, let me explain, cuz it's very simple:

There's only one rule: If you think of the game, you lose the game.

It took me a while to get it, but I did eventually, last March (i think it was March). Anna introduced it to me. It's changed me. Literally. But it's not SO IMPORTANT, but it's pretty damn hilarious.

So, you know how we humans think, right? I hope so.... but anyway, you think of things, but of course, they fade from your mind eventually. Now, The Game: you're always playing it, and when someone says "The Game" or something like that, it'll come back into your mind. That means you just lost it. So The Game basically has to do with remembering stuff. You're always playing, even if you don't know what it is. You're just winning. And the best part? If you lose The Game, and you say, "Damn, I just lost The Game," everyone else around you loses too!!!! It's sooo funny. I told people at fencing about it last summer (2009), and it's become a HUGE "inside" joke. Like, we'll randomly say to each other, "You just lost The Game," and everyone just hates it. But it's fun.

Then, I (being me, if you know how I am) bought a shirt from Target. It was genius. I wore it to fencing one night, on our Coach's birthday, when everyone was hanging out, having cake and Coke. People took one look at me, and "hated" me. It was HILARIOUS. Why? Well, when people looked at my shirt, they would see the phrase:


I just love Champion (the brand)..... :D

I just took that picture, actually....

Wellwellwell. . . I guess that's it today.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dinner for the Hungry.... ohmygod

Ok, so you're probably all, "Dinner for the Hungry????"

Well, let's cut to the chase: At school, they have an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless/Hungry. They had it today, and I volunteered to be a waitress there. It wasn't that bad, and the people were nice and all. Just the occasional weird-smelling people, but that's all. I shared a shift with Jeremy, Tyler,Tyler's CUTE cousin (I can't believe they're related.. :P) Sophia, and some 8th Graders. Oh, and Meli and Mariah came a bit later.

So, it went along, I was giving people drinks and setting place mats and throwing away empty plates. I talked with Ameera, and Sophia, and Meli, and stuff. After a while, my mom went up to me. We all had to have a parent working there, too. But anyway, my Mom goes up to me and says in filipino, "Annel, ask Sophia. Something just happened. Just ask her what happened."

So I go up to Sophia, and I'm all, "Sophia, what just happened?"

She says, "Oh, they (security) just escorted a perv outside..."

And I think, OMG, was he looking at people??? Bu then, she said that the guy called her over, as if to ask her for a drink or something. But then she said, "The guy said he loved me and wanted to make love to me."

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

One of the coordinators went over and talked with us, and at the end, so many people asked Sophia if she was ok, which she was and stuff....... The rest of the night went on...

8th graders popping balloons at the end, Nic in 8th grade sucking helium and singing "Single Ladies", you know, just your normal Catholic School kids. XD

So, we're all good now... just really creeped out by that pervy guy. And apparently, he went up to Kristina (8th grade) and asked her name and where she lived and stuff. But Kristina just old security, but it took Sophia's situation for him to get escorted out. . . .

Well, that's basically what happened tonight.
Other stuff:

-I fixed the comment whatchamacallit-thingamabobber so that people can comment, cuz the last one was all messed up and crap like that. As you can see, Meli commented on the last post about her and my songs.... :D If you post a comment, please put your name on, unless you really wanna stay anonymous. Not your real name, just a username or anything. The only way I knew it was Meli's comment was cuz it was talking about our songs, but that's ok. Just, from now on, mmmmk?

-Goin' to the Mitty Open House tomorrow!!!!!!

-If I can, im'a be watching the guys' fencing tournament tomorrow in Stanford.... Jonathan, Matt, Josh, and Sergio!!!!! Oh, and I think Marco has Juniors, as well.


There's one thing about me: fail. It's one of my catchphrases, which, I honestly use too much. And usually when there's an ultimate fail, I don't see it.... :( But anyway, you know how there's 'fail' pictures online? Well, I'm gonna post a FAIL every time I post, kinda like a "Fail of the Day" sorta thing, but just idk if I'll be able to post everyday, so.... you know.


IT'S RAWR!!!!! WITH A "W"! RAWR! RAWR, I TELL YOU, RAWR!!!!!!! I now declare a "RAWR War"!!!!! Kelly, I know you think there's a "w". Leave a comment and pledge your side!!! lol... but seriously, just frickin DO IT! TWSS...... XD




Today's FAIL:

Friday, November 20, 2009


so fur like the past week, Kelly and i have been debating wether rarr is spelled "rawr" or "rarr". IT'S SPELLED RARR!!! but that's not the point of the title: this is more like a response to Annel's post:

ok, so yes, me and MC have made up. i prbbly will trust her eventually, but i can't just say "I COMPLETELY TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE!" after like 4 days.

yes, i have been riting more poems. i have NO IDEA why . . . lol, my sunglasses poem is funny. thnx fur the complements annel! ur haiku (s) were actually pretty good. i like the whole 5,7,5; 6,8,6 thing. ROTFLOL u and meli's songs were HILARIOUS!!!!
waaaaa i can't go to the mitty open house 2moro. k sorry this is short, but g2g! bye!

It's a Party in the USA.....

So I put my hands up

They're playin my song
The butterflies fly away
Noddin my head like yeeaah
Movin my hips like yeeaah

We all know the song, ya know? And Miley Cyrus. You ALL know. Except for my friend Sergio.... scary. But anyway. It's been stuck in my head since yesterday. Honestly, it's not a bad song. It's just Miley Cyrus. As in, if anyone else was singing it, it would probably be one of my favorite songs. But no, Miley Cyrus is just... hmmm, how do I say this? She's so un-Chuck Norris. Let's put it that way, because there are other ways to describe her, but I would prefer not to burn in hell.

Well, that's just one current aspect of what's been going on. Anna and MC have made up; no one thinks Anna's some desperate loser slut thing. Everything's back to normal except for one thing: Anna will never tell MC any secret or anything like that ever again.

Also, ever since Anna wrote those poems on Monday afternoon, she's been going through a poem-writing phase. She's REALLY GOOD. She wrote a poem about sunglasses, and it still was cool. But what was really sweet was that she wrote a poem for a guy. Isn't that just sweet? Wish I could write poems like that. I wrote like, a tweaked up haiku set; like the first verse was normal (5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 again), and the the next verse was 6, 8, 6, then back to normal, and then 6, and then normal again. It was about someone (yes, another person, get over it) but Anna writes waaaaay better than I do. Oh, well, it's better than that one poem I wrote for when the class had to participate in a contest in 5th grade, and mine and some other classmates' got picked and put in a book. Me and Melissa's were about racism. Wow.

So on Tuesday, I was all, "OMG Anna, I wish I could write poems like that!"
and she was all,

"Well, you can write songs...."

And I replied, "True... so long as you don't mean like last year...."

That sucked soooo much. If you don't get what I'm saying, here's what happened:
In Literature last year, we worked on a short story called "Tuesday of the Other June". When we did a project, I decided to do the most creative project option: write a song. So, I DID write a song, which some people still tease me about (I'm not offended, it's more like an inside joke). It was called "Sanctuary". Now, Meli and Kelly if you're reading this, you're probably laughing. DOn't worry. I'm telling you to shut up like always.

Anyway, Meli, if you're laughing, have something to say to YOU:
"So here go/ Sittin all alone/ You're the one that makes me feel this way/ Cuz it's the dread you leave behind....."

Ha. I win. ;). JK.
If you didn't get that, that was Meli's song that she wrote.

Wellwellwell.... anything else???? Just that life's goin on again pretty well...

Had to attend 2 meetings last night and skip fencing. The first was for Decathlon, I was invited on the team again for Fine Arts. Anna's on Science being Renz in 8th grade's backup... But I'm not a backup cuz I was one of the three 6th Graders from last year's team.... yay.

The other meeting was for Confirmation, but that's not really as exciting.

Well, gotta go now, I guess.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dealing with Screwed Emotions (follow-up on Anna)

This is a follow-up to Anna's entry today, so if you don't get it, you should probably read the post right below mine......

Ok, seriously, I just wanna frickin KICK A WALL. That doesn't sound too bad, but oh well. It's more appropriate than what I was gonna say that completely makes more sense on how much I hate what's goin on btween Anna and MC.
I trusted her!!!! Like, next to Anna, she was the next person I trusted. She tied with Kelly, actually, cuz ya know, Kelly, you're pretty damn awesome when you wipe away all that Jonas obsession ;D.

Now, this probably isn't helping Anna, but I was about to tell MC something, but this "incident" (HAH, can that be ANY MORE of an understatement?) that happened today just
kept me from saying anything.

Well, at least Sierra was nice. She completely understands. But I felt so helpless! Cuz I was at band talking about MLIA and "That's what she said" and laughing and having an awesome time while my best friend's life was gradually creeping to a screwed over state of existence. And I'm in art, sitting next to her, and Anna can barely even explain, and she starts crying. I felt HORRIBLE! I couldn't even tell why she was crying, as in "Are you crying because people might think you're a desperate slut? Or just cuz you trusted MC?"

Now I completely feel messed up. You can't trust anybody. Because, you know, Sierra, and Mariah, and Lauren, they're AWESOME, but we all (I said all, I'm not denying myself) have bitchy, nasty sides. So sometimes, it's just you and your best friend. And of course, there are times when it's just you and internal struggle, as well, like what happened last spring with me. But I just hope it'll all get better.

I've got fencing tonight, and I'm just gonna let it all go, ya know? Maybe take it out on the wall targets, rant to my friends. ugh, I still have to start on Vocab 3 Column Notes.... well, I'll ask Josh, who always writes awesome Vocab sentences that usually involve me and Jonathan or Eric and Matt or somebody and crazy antics. He actually texted me saying he has some more sentences . Well..... I just hope it'll all get better, and MC FINALLY GETS THE MESSAGE! She was all, "Anna, what happened? Why are you crying?"
We both just stared at her, and I'm all, "Stuff happens."
And she's all, "

So now, I just wait. and do my homework. And wait. And stuff. But mostly do homework and wait. haha, I'd snicker, but I'm too stressed out with this stuff.

And people say
Secret Life
is too stupid-dramatic.


Emotions Screw Me Over

"Hey dad!"
"Hey Anna! Did anything happen at school today?"
"no, not really-"
it's a good thing my dad doesn't have a lie detector embedded in me somewhere, otherwise it would've gone off like crazy at that last sentence. Nothing happened at all, sure! So, since the halloween dance, people have been talking about me and the tall guy (still not saying his name, tho i KNOW i already did). I already said how mad i wuz at sierra for coming onto him (does anyone have a better phrase i could put there?) so fast. i JUST SO HAPPEN to have a bit of a devious mind (THANK YOU ANNEL) to tell him some stuff that will most likely turn him away from dating her. that wuz last week. i REALLY regret saying that. SIERRA: I'M SO SORRY AND I KNOW THAT PROBABLY WON't HELP BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF U WERE IN THIS SITUATION? PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT A DESPERATE WHORE. Think of it from my point of view:
I know a guy since summer, who happens to go to Resurrection, a school that goes to our dances.
i just might like him, but we're just friends.
we go to a dance, and ALL OF A SUDDEN everyone's asking me about him, all sorts of questions, half of which i can't answer.
ALL OF A SUDDEN, half the girls in my class like him, without even realizing that i might actually have fealings for him, which ur kind of crushing by flirting with him.
you dance with him.
you get someone else to dance with him.
you get his number.
you hug him, and YOU BARELY EVEN KNOW HIM.
think of how i might be feeling at this point. sad, distraught, angry, jealous? you guessed it. so what would you do if you were in that situation and people were slavering at the mouth just to meet this ONE GUY that i just so happened to know. people are pushing me out of the way to get to him. u would feel like i did, right? sad, angry, jealous. if you had the chance, you would probably do everything u could to get him away from those girls. even if whoever you were flaming found out, cuz it wuz worth keeping him. now you understand my point of view. lets get on with this story.
Monday: i tell Annel (my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!) how i began to get the guy away from sierra. i KNOW i can trust her. someone with the initials MC is wondering what we're talking about, "what's your devious plan?" i promise to tell her tuesday. she looks completely into it, completely trustworthy. i go home sick during lunch, then post utter boredom (btw, in my boredom, i wrote 11 other poems yesterday). i email the guy (there was NOTHING about sierra in that email). do homework. eat. sleep.
Today: choir. first bell. english. literature. RECESS! during recess, i tell MC (who, btw, was a friend) my devious plan. completely harmlessly, she smiles in agreement and goes "so, did u do anything else, tell me!!!" so i say "ok, will asked how many guys like her and i said almost all the popular guys" which is almost completely true. i tell MC that i'll forward her the conversation. she swears on her life not to tell anyone. "you know you can trust me, anna!". recess bell rings. math. science. lunch.lunch recess. i hang out with MC cuz annel's in band and allison and felicia are in homework room. me and MC hang out with mariah, sierra, and lauren. somewhere between then and the end of lunch recess, someone is a rat, and when the last lunch bell rings, sierra's on the bench with her hand over her mouth with wide eyes just standing like that. she says "i hate you anna" like 3 times... we line up/ leave for art. on the way there, the wonderful lauren who i CAN trust says "MC told sierra that you told will that sierra _______________________________" mrs kirkland goes thru a whole conversation with the class about the right way to paint a picture of candy on a gingerbread house, while i'm feeling screwed cuz MC told sierra what my plan wuz. i tell annel what MC did while mrs. kirkland finishes her talk, and we begin working on a painting aka we all have time to talk cuz mrs. kirkland never pays attention to us. i explain more to annel, and we both can't believe MC would be so mean, and would act like a perfect angel and all sorts of crap. SHE LOOKED SO MUCH ON MY SIDE I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WOULD FRIGGING DO THAT! WHAT THE F*CK!! i wuz just thinking my life is over my life is over i hate you MC i hate you i hate you i hate you etc. and i start crying. i couldn't help it. i felt so defeated. so cheated.tears poured out of my eyes. annel attempted to cheer me up, but then the guys came and were all "aww, what's wrong?" "is she okay?" "what's with anna?" which didn't help. after a while i stopped crying, some people asked me what was wrong, but i couldn't answer. it wuz easy to say sorry to sierra cuz she sits at my table and at that point i felt like my day was already bad enough, can it get any worse? and i honestly felt sorry. but if MC had come up to me while i wuz crying i would have seriously punched her in the face. but i say that a lot. end of story.

-Italapinexo <3

Monday, November 16, 2009

Came home sick!!! tons of poems

waaa! i came home sick at like 12:30 today. HUGE stomachache. lol stomach cake. anyway i've been really tired/ bored. just finished emailing a ton of people cuz i have so much to reply to. k, since i have a ton of time i might as well rite a poem. btw this is gunna be completely copyrighted under my name like as soon as i finish writing so NO COPYING!!! mmmkay . .
Love is that thing that puts you to sleep
when you're still afraid
Love is the thing like a rose that's red deep
on your front porch it has been laid
Love is what helps when life is steep
when hate has raided your soul
Love is what cheers when your tears creep
when sadness has taken its toll
Love is the fire that burns always bright
Love is the bird as it takes its first flight
Love is the mother caressing her child
Love is the ocean, fearless and wild
Love is a diamond, cut to perfection
Love is the lost one, needing affection
Love is a flower, vibrant and growing
Love is safety, where fear isn't showing
Love is the sky, abundant and blue
Love, if you listen, is speaking to you.
Anna S. 11-16-09
ok yes, i like riting poems. this is the first one i've done that has to do with an emotion, and i think it turned out pretty good, considering it took me like 10 minutes.
Rarr i'm so mad at jeremy for dating tatiana. i can't believe he would date someone like that! u can always tell if a relationship will last or not depending on if he calls u hot or beautiful. A real guy would call you beautiful. jeremy called tatiana hot. i wuz there when he asked her out. he wuz all "ok. you're hot-" her best friend screamed here. "do you wanna go out?" and it all went wack from there.
Currently, i kinda-sorta enjoy being single. just understand that i don't wanna ruin me and the guy i like's friendship. it would be TOO weird to date him. which is why i'm not asking him out. yet.
aurgh i'm so bored! k, here's whats called a "couplet":
Time is fleeting
and you are still reading
tada! haiku:
A flower steady
in the vase alone just there
when is it blooming?
There once was a man from canada
he could barely even stand up
he had chicken legs
for better ones he begged
till he met a man who instead had stirrups
hope you enjoyed those! can't you tell how bored i am? OMG my computer project is due tomorrow and i can't work on it! :((
ugh my stomach still hurts . . . haha i just read over that limerick again! it's actually kind of funny. except i feel sorry for the guys. one with chicken legs, one with stirrups instead of legs.
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
luv that quote. also:
"They say disneyland is the happiest place on earth; i guess they've never been in your arms."
i don't know who that ones by but it's so sweet!
i'm looking at my sister's biology book right now. according to her it weighs 6 pounds. WOW! at least she doesn't have to carry it in her backpack EVERYDAY. her school has a block schedule, ie. periods 1-3 on one day, then 4-7 or wtvr the next. she gets TWO DAYS to do homework!!!
wow, speaking of her, she just called saying schools over. g2g bye!
-Italapinexo <3

Sunday, November 15, 2009


mmk, my house was a zoo last night, as most filipino households are when Manny Pacquiao boxes. If you don't know who Manny Pacquiao is; WOW. Well, even my teacher knows who Manny Pacquiao is, and she's american. But anyway, Manny Pacquiao is the best pound-for-pound fighter or something like that, and he's got seven world titles. He totally PWNED Miguel Cotto last night, and I had so many family members over. One of my dad's cousins is just AWESOME. He threw a pillow again. But then again, I was up yelling at the tv during the 2 knockouts. My sister was super whiny though ("why are they so loud??? Be quiet? waaaa!!!!"). My mom got ticked off.


haha, last time I said flip, someone said it was a racial slur..... fail. Flip is used BY filipinos.... it means filipino, so I don't see how it's a racial slur or anything.

Well, I've got a fencing tournament today, and 2 of the guys on my "team" are fencing in their event, plus another guy's coming to watch their and my events... just got our team jackets yesterday, so awesome! It's got my name on it! Yay! Excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!

Well, I guess that's all for now, I'm just hella bored.


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