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Friday, November 13, 2009

Da 'Arvest Dance!!! and friday the 13th

-Will yee-ooh dun be mah date to da 'arvest dance?
-*hyuk* I thaught you'd neigh-ver ask!
-I'lll pick ya up 'round fahve-thurtee?
-aw, shee-oot. mah curfew's at four!

So, ya, as Anna said, the dance tonight is the Harvest Dance. yaay go St. Cyp's.

So, I'm probably gonna take a shower in a while, get ready for da 'arvest dance. But anyway, what happened today in my life.

Friday the 13th!!!! It's usually Anna's lucky day, but she got a nosebleed. Me? Life's just goin well. text-to-email-ing my friends from fencing (dont have a phone. . . i'm constantly begging, tho ;D) Well, I could rant and rave about Friday the 13th, but there're more important matters right now. . .

OMG!!!! I can't believe some people.

So, at last month's dance at Res, Will went up to Anna and introduced her to some guy named Arman (idk if I'm spelling that right, but I don't really care). Arman is the "guy who never danced w. a girl before" that Anna mentioned in her post called "The Halloween Dance. . ." Will's all, "This is my friend, he hasn't danced with a girl yet, will you dance with him at the next slow dance?"

Well, Anna, of course, doesn't wanna be mean, so she dances with him. She would've been his friend if not for what she didn't know what was gonna happen. So, after the dance, life goes on.
Anna and the rest of the school soccer team plays against Res, where she meets another friend of ours from Res. Our friend asks Anna, "Anna, did you and Arman really break up on Tuesday???" Of course, Anna's just all "wtf?!?!?!?"

She learns that Arman told everyone that they were boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone in their class believed him, and Anna just was apparently dating him. He told everyone he was planning on KISSING Anna tonight at the St. Cyp's dance. Now, Anna comes and tells us this this morning, and I just drop my jaw. Straight down.

So, Anna just says to me, "If he frickin tries to kiss me, I am gonna
punch him right in the face." Serves him right. "I would've been friends with him!" she said. Well, look where that's gotten him.

Well, I gotta go get ready for da 'arvest dance (sorry, that's a huge insid ejoke between me and Anna now)!


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