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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day!!!!

Today's FAIL: 

Happy Turkey Day!!!!! Thanksgiving just sounds a bit meh, if you know what I mean, so Turkey Day: my official title!

Well, having a buncha people over, mostly my flip family, it's probably gonna be more crowded than the day of the Pacquiao fight. Also having a baby shower for my dad's cousin in about an hour.

Well, I FINALLY get a break.... just kicked back last night, watched Glee, did my nails (we can't even have nail polish at our school :( ), ya know. I think I did a pretty awesome job there, red and black, my fencing colors!!!!

<- yes, that's a very weird face I've got on, but I did that on purpose. Just did a red and random black stripes. I tried black w/ red stripes, but then it looked weird, like Twilight or something....

 Speaking of Twilight: NEW MOON! rawr, All people are talking about now is the New Moon movie and I'm fine with that, Twilight is okay, but I can't take everyone yelling about it. Jimi, who I sit next to, was making fun of it, actually. He turned to me with a gay voice and went, "Annel, do you support Team Edwaaard, or Team Ja-COB????" 

Hilarious. I was all, "Well, Edward's made for Bella, but JACOB IS WAY HOTTER!"

Now, see how I spelled rawr there? Anna finally surrendered and accepted that "rawr" is spelled with a W!!!! I was talking with AK at fencing on Tuesday, and she said rarr just looks weird. 

You know how on Turkey Day, people usually have Pumpkin Pie? Well, there's actually something BETTER than pumpkin pie. Oh ya, I went there. But wait til you hear what I'm talking about. Harvest Pie. Coco's Harvest Pie. It's Pumpkin pie underneath, but on top is pumpkin mousse, and then whipped cream and (I think it's) cinnamon. I'll get a pic up later. This is the BEST PIE EVER!!!! I told my awesome History teacher about it, and she asked me where to get it and stuff..... IM'A STUFF MY FACE WITH THIS JUNK!!!! XD

Well..... what else to say????

Just: Stuff your face, clean off the Pumpkin pie, and (if you're a girl, mostly) make sure you get enough sleep for Black Friday shopping!!!!


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