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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'M A NINJA!!!!!!

k, I just got this from Josh, so here's a FAIL: 

k, so, anyway, NINJA! To get this straight, fencing today was like ninja training camp. Hurdles made with chairs and foils, sprints around the hurdles (like, zigzag), 15 minutes of nonstop running around the salle, etc. And I didn't come up with the "ninja" name on my own, Josh did. But then again, Saturdays are conditioning days, and everything sucks. Especially jump rope. Not individual, but the long rope that everyone jumps with, that Alexander spins and tortures you with. It pretty much sucks, and you have to do pushups. But nobody even does pushups, just, like, 1 or 2. Or, we do "Camila" pushups... lol, but you'd have had to be there to get what I'm saying. Slacking off during pushups is common, but I still feel totally ninja....

yuuup, that's me with a ninja "mask" on.... its actually a tshirt. brilliance from youtube :D.
reminds me of nigahiga and stuff. so now, i'm probably gonna go greet my friends on monday (or maybe tomorrow, at church) by saying, "hwai-ya! I'm ninja!"

omg can u believe they're already playing CHRISTMAS SONGS on the radio???? yes, they are. it's not even december yet. but then again, in the philippines, some people break out the parol (if you don't kno wat that is, im'a put a picture at the bottom so you'll see) and tree once the "ber" months hit. Like, septemBER, octoBER, you get it. and guess whose family put the tree up today? yuuup, moi. 

idk if i should wear my hi-tops or my low-top converse with my outfit for the dance... here we go again... *rolls eyes* oh well, i'll just ask Anna and send her pix....

like how she sent pix to the tall guy, cough cough (she's lucky i'm not saying his name out right now). she sent them to him before me... he actually said her dress was really nice.... ooooooh Anna! sorry... haha

. . . . so boreed.... now, usually, when i'm bored, i just pull out my guitar and play all the songs i know, which actually are a lot (which i realized on thanksgiving, when i was playing guitar and singing w/ cuzins, and i just kept playing one after the other). but i think i've had enough "Crazier" and "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift and "The Call" by Regina Spektor and "My Heart" by Paramore, and . . .. . . u kno, i don't really wanna keep typing if this is all I'm gonna type about....

AK and I spent, like, 10 minutes talking about Glee when we should've been suiting up... I caught her up on the last 2 weeks, you shoulda seen her face when I told her about Rachel having a crush on Mr Schuester last week.

hmmm...... i guess im'a done now... nothing else to say♥♥♥♥


oh, and if you don't know what a parol is, here it is: a parol is one of those lantern things that's usually a star shape, they're usually made in the phils

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JL95 said...

NINJA!! I didn't know u played guitar! And u used my FAIL!! =D

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