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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dinner for the Hungry.... ohmygod

Ok, so you're probably all, "Dinner for the Hungry????"

Well, let's cut to the chase: At school, they have an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless/Hungry. They had it today, and I volunteered to be a waitress there. It wasn't that bad, and the people were nice and all. Just the occasional weird-smelling people, but that's all. I shared a shift with Jeremy, Tyler,Tyler's CUTE cousin (I can't believe they're related.. :P) Sophia, and some 8th Graders. Oh, and Meli and Mariah came a bit later.

So, it went along, I was giving people drinks and setting place mats and throwing away empty plates. I talked with Ameera, and Sophia, and Meli, and stuff. After a while, my mom went up to me. We all had to have a parent working there, too. But anyway, my Mom goes up to me and says in filipino, "Annel, ask Sophia. Something just happened. Just ask her what happened."

So I go up to Sophia, and I'm all, "Sophia, what just happened?"

She says, "Oh, they (security) just escorted a perv outside..."

And I think, OMG, was he looking at people??? Bu then, she said that the guy called her over, as if to ask her for a drink or something. But then she said, "The guy said he loved me and wanted to make love to me."

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

One of the coordinators went over and talked with us, and at the end, so many people asked Sophia if she was ok, which she was and stuff....... The rest of the night went on...

8th graders popping balloons at the end, Nic in 8th grade sucking helium and singing "Single Ladies", you know, just your normal Catholic School kids. XD

So, we're all good now... just really creeped out by that pervy guy. And apparently, he went up to Kristina (8th grade) and asked her name and where she lived and stuff. But Kristina just old security, but it took Sophia's situation for him to get escorted out. . . .

Well, that's basically what happened tonight.
Other stuff:

-I fixed the comment whatchamacallit-thingamabobber so that people can comment, cuz the last one was all messed up and crap like that. As you can see, Meli commented on the last post about her and my songs.... :D If you post a comment, please put your name on, unless you really wanna stay anonymous. Not your real name, just a username or anything. The only way I knew it was Meli's comment was cuz it was talking about our songs, but that's ok. Just, from now on, mmmmk?

-Goin' to the Mitty Open House tomorrow!!!!!!

-If I can, im'a be watching the guys' fencing tournament tomorrow in Stanford.... Jonathan, Matt, Josh, and Sergio!!!!! Oh, and I think Marco has Juniors, as well.


There's one thing about me: fail. It's one of my catchphrases, which, I honestly use too much. And usually when there's an ultimate fail, I don't see it.... :( But anyway, you know how there's 'fail' pictures online? Well, I'm gonna post a FAIL every time I post, kinda like a "Fail of the Day" sorta thing, but just idk if I'll be able to post everyday, so.... you know.


IT'S RAWR!!!!! WITH A "W"! RAWR! RAWR, I TELL YOU, RAWR!!!!!!! I now declare a "RAWR War"!!!!! Kelly, I know you think there's a "w". Leave a comment and pledge your side!!! lol... but seriously, just frickin DO IT! TWSS...... XD




Today's FAIL:


Anonymous said...

annel -
u know how u said to me and mariah that jeremy can be cute sometimes- well i think sean can be cute at times but don't tell anyone!!!

♥.♫.ifence_likeagirl.♫.♥ said...

omg i COMPLETELY agree with u, meli ;D

meli said...

ya like at the dances he looks cute

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