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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

R.I.P. and other stuff

 Today's FAIL: 

Ok, although this following part of a post is very contrasting to the FAIL thing, here I go:

Though I never knew you, Rest In Peace, Bud Cordoza

Okay, this morning was depressing-ish. We found out that a staff member's (at school) dad died. He was the school handyman, and he fixed all the broken desks and everything. And then we found out that Ameera in 8th Grade's grandfather passed away last night.....

We had a moment of silence in Language Arts today, as it was our first period class, and that's when we found out everything. It was so depressing, I wrote another poem. It was about death, but, no, not about Mr Cordoza. It's just. . . a poem. At first it looked emo, but I read over it and Sierra and Kelly read it later in the day ("Holy crap, Annel! That's good!"). I just kinda tried to imagine if someone I loved died. Not like, family loved, but. .. well, you get it. It's kinda long, but only because I used short lines.

Death of a Love

there's nothing wrong with dreaming
or wishing you were here
doomed, my life is seeming
as I wipe away my tears

please take with you the memories
that I cherish so
I don't need them, for in my heart
is love that you have sown

my heart drops as I see you
with your peaceful smile
one that I -- just to see --
would walk for a million mile

can't stop my heart from racing
as sadness blurs my eyes
it was always difficult
for me to say good-byes

may your soul float safely
for mine, in grief, will wander
as this longing absence 
will make the heart grow fonder

-Annel G

Ok, so, ya. That took me about 10 minutes to write in Language Arts. And I intentionally write all the lines with lowercase letters, unless I have to, like the word "I" and names. That's how all my poems go (haha, all. . . more like three or four)

Well, today is the one-week anniversary of Anna's "being screwed over by emotions", which she posted about last week and I wrote about as well.

Click the words to read the posts, if you haven't already. . .  

Normal day, checked in for Student Council, ya know. In History, we finally finished "The Lost Boys of Sudan". I love that movie/documentary thing! It's so touching.

Had Jamba Juice after school!!!!!! GHJ, gotta have jamba! Aw ya so kickass; I downed a Mango-A-Go-Go (that is what it's called, right? sorry, brain freeze!!! Literally!) If there's one thing that there is to hate about Jamba Juice (*gasp!* oh, yeah, i went there...), it's the HUGE brain freeze I get after just taking one sip. I stick my thumb to the roof of my mouth so it stops, but it doesn't work all the time, so, of course, I'm sitting there holding my head going "AAAHH!!! BRAIN FREEZE!!!!" but then again, that's something Camila would do, as what I just gave is an exaggeration.

hmmm, what else today??? GRRR I just lost the game. And you did, too. Well, what else was I gonna say? Well, there's one thing:
Cuz Josh told me about some vocab sentences, and I have to do with one of the sentences, and the word is "misogyny". I guess I'll just ask him tonight at fencing......

I need everyone else to sign my foil!!! I only have Josh and Jonathan (he signed it 'jonny', which is why I called him that in my last post. . .), who signed it on Saturday. Camila doesn't come on Tuesdays anymore, so I don't have to worry about her writing random "Annie" lyrics on my bellguard. . . XD

The Christmas dance is next Friday at St. Simon's. . . I guess I'll just get an outfit while Black Friday shopping. . . rawr, this is the last dance where my mom's gonna give me money for the entrance fee. Then im'a on my own..... $7, that's not a lot. . . unless you're me, who is broke cuz of betting and IOU's (for other people, not gov't) and crap. . . bleah!

Well, I don't know what else to type. . . . Well, I'm gonna go watch Glee on hulu now!!!




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Italapinexo<3 said...

garrrr! why do i have to be so inspiring!!!??? Everyone's riting poems now!!!! i counted, and so far i have 23 poems including the 3 i wrote today!!!!!! yay! OMG ANNEL DID U SEE MY FORWARD????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! XD
-Italapinexo <3

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