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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my first fail of the day

ELLO EVERYONE!!!! happy almost thanksgiving! haha, this fail kinda sux, but i feel sorry fur the kitty. PLEASE tell me why like half the fails i see have to do with cats!!! i kno theres like that book called "can i haz cheezeburger" or smthn (btw, that book looks hilariously stupid) i'm gunna call this one Revenge of Tweety. hey look! i just realized if u look REALLY closely on the bottom of the pic it says "can i haz cheezeburger.com". wow i'm smart! lol.
k, yesterday SOMEONE invited me to the movies so i'm SUPER HAPPY about that!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! happy scream...
today wuz the thanksgiving prayer service at school. Mrs. Aeres (or however u spell that) gave a speech about Bud Cordoza, the fix-it guy who died. it wuz SO sad! she like broke down in the middle of the speech. then they showed this vid with ANOTHER josh groban song (go ms. o'neal) that included "beautiful scenery" and animals and stuff that said "in memory of Bud Cordoza, 1921-2009" it wuz a kind of depressing way to end the day. but wtvs!
has ANYONE had turducken before???? if u have PUHLEASE tell me cuz i really wanna try it.
yum! if u haven't tried peppermint bark before you HAVE TO CUZ ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! last week i went to Frisco fur my sis's bday and i had like a giant block of white chocolate. XD
someone give me a movie review on Old Dogs, cuz i just read a review on yahoo and it's supposed to be horrible . . .
-Italapinexo <3

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melissa said...

anna u'll never guess what!!!!! today my dad was looking at phones for me!!! i either have to get a go-phone-(EWWWW!) or a really cheap phone!!!! so excited cuz i told him i really wanted the LG Zenon but it cost too much cuz the phone was like $149 buy i kind of wnat the LG Nion or something but ya!!!!bye happy thanksgiving or like kelly would say Happy Thanks Giving

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