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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKSGIVING!!!! and "misogyny". . .

Today's FAIL: 

wellwellwell. . . today, im'a just boreedd. .. had school today, last day before Thanksgiving Break. Like Anna-Banana said, there was Josh Groban, and slideshows, and crap like that. . .

Christmas Dance next week! Found an outfit today.... just need a top, and I'm set XD.

We had a themed assembly today, ah, the joys of being on Student Council. . . bleah.

Normal day, ya know: Math (had a math test, ew), Science (fell asleep like usual), Religion, and then the prayer service. ....

I found out what "misogyny" means. . . it means:

hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. can't WAIT to see the sentence. . .XD

I know this is short and crap, but I gotta go....


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melissa said...

annel- u'll never guess what!!!!! today my dad was looking at phones for me!!! i either have to get a go-phone-(EWWWW!) or a really cheap phone!!!! so excited cuz i told him i really wanted the LG Zenon but it cost too much cuz the phone was like $149 buy i kind of wnat the LG Nion or something but ya!!!!bye happy thanksgiving or like kelly would say Happy Thanks Giving

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