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Monday, November 30, 2009


haha, me and annel are riting a post @ the same time...

OH EM GEE!!! Alleesooowwwn looked like a lion today!!!! she curled her hair *super ceeeute!* OMG she should totally wear it to the dance on friday like that!!! I HAVE TO INTRODUCE HER TO 'TALL GUY' !!!! lol it's sooooo weird calling w- i mean HIM "tall guy". anywaysss i'll post a pic of her hair up soon!!! i took a pic w. my camera today during recess . . . YES in the girls bathroom it's like illegal to have a camera at school . . . SHHHH!!!

aurgh i skipped the fail of the day on this post... imma too lazy

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA annel rote a poem today!! super sweet!

ahaaaa! imma so happy! tall guy lOVVVES my dress. he kept mentioning it in a couple replies this weekend cuz i sent him a pic.

ANNEL U POST TOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! u have like two posts a day on the weekend!!! i need sum ownership here!!!
btw HEELLOOOO to all annel's friends frum fencing... u guys sound super awesome of what i've heard. josh- AWESOME vocab sentences... annel's told me like 2 or 3. CAMILA I HAVE TO MEET U!!!! haha, i kno WAY more about fencing than i should BECAUSE OF SOMEONE *cough cough ANNEL* but wtvs...
waaa gotta go! bie people!!!
-Italapinexo <3

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