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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dragonwings (a cool title!)

Today's FAIL(s):

this is for yesterday, lemme explain today's FAIL, cuz it actually happened to me/us people in our school.

So, we had an Advent wreath prayer service, and we all stood around the table (yes, all the students), and used the overhead for prayers and stuff.  So, we all had to do a prayer, and right in the middle, the overhead transparency fell off. We all stopped praying. Meli, who was behind me, said, "That's today's FAIL, Annel." I had to keep myself from laughing so hard. So, there you have it; two FAILS!

Well. . . hmmm I gotta cut squares of tissue paper cuz of course, Ms Hilario just has to pick me, Scott, and Sophia for the Penance service readers....

I found my copy of Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep yaay!!! I thought I left it @ fencing or smthng, but no, it was in my dad's car. Dragonwings is the book we're reading for Decathlon Super Quiz, and I haven't really gotten far yet.... Lauren said it's boring. im'a take her word for it. But I still have to read it. I organized my Decathlon binder today, i'm so proud of myself! One of the first organized things i've done for myself in a while.... lol
rawr i've got so much to work on for Decathlon! I have Fine Arts as my individual subject, but since Fine Arts has two sections (Visual Art and Music), I have to give two days' time instead of the normal one. Then everyone is reading Dragonwings for Literature Super Quiz, and I also volunteered to do Religion Super Quiz (idk wth i was thinking!!!). Oh well, I guess im'a just have to prove myself and show that I can juggle schoolwork, student council, decathlon, extracurricular music, and fencing (that's, like, my ONLY sport, except for when volleyball season comes around).

rotflol, Josh emailed me some of his sentences. Apparently, I slip on something, Jonathan feels bad for me, invites me to a Lady GaGa concert, I turn down the offer, and then we study. And that's only the first 3 sentences. awkward..... MWAHAHAHAHAHA but I gave Josh an absolutely "creative", unique, hilariously devious idea for another sentence.... pssshhh like I'll announce it rite here.... in ur dreams ;-)

Well. . . . I guess I'll go back to reading and cutting now...


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