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Monday, November 16, 2009

Came home sick!!! tons of poems

waaa! i came home sick at like 12:30 today. HUGE stomachache. lol stomach cake. anyway i've been really tired/ bored. just finished emailing a ton of people cuz i have so much to reply to. k, since i have a ton of time i might as well rite a poem. btw this is gunna be completely copyrighted under my name like as soon as i finish writing so NO COPYING!!! mmmkay . .
Love is that thing that puts you to sleep
when you're still afraid
Love is the thing like a rose that's red deep
on your front porch it has been laid
Love is what helps when life is steep
when hate has raided your soul
Love is what cheers when your tears creep
when sadness has taken its toll
Love is the fire that burns always bright
Love is the bird as it takes its first flight
Love is the mother caressing her child
Love is the ocean, fearless and wild
Love is a diamond, cut to perfection
Love is the lost one, needing affection
Love is a flower, vibrant and growing
Love is safety, where fear isn't showing
Love is the sky, abundant and blue
Love, if you listen, is speaking to you.
Anna S. 11-16-09
ok yes, i like riting poems. this is the first one i've done that has to do with an emotion, and i think it turned out pretty good, considering it took me like 10 minutes.
Rarr i'm so mad at jeremy for dating tatiana. i can't believe he would date someone like that! u can always tell if a relationship will last or not depending on if he calls u hot or beautiful. A real guy would call you beautiful. jeremy called tatiana hot. i wuz there when he asked her out. he wuz all "ok. you're hot-" her best friend screamed here. "do you wanna go out?" and it all went wack from there.
Currently, i kinda-sorta enjoy being single. just understand that i don't wanna ruin me and the guy i like's friendship. it would be TOO weird to date him. which is why i'm not asking him out. yet.
aurgh i'm so bored! k, here's whats called a "couplet":
Time is fleeting
and you are still reading
tada! haiku:
A flower steady
in the vase alone just there
when is it blooming?
There once was a man from canada
he could barely even stand up
he had chicken legs
for better ones he begged
till he met a man who instead had stirrups
hope you enjoyed those! can't you tell how bored i am? OMG my computer project is due tomorrow and i can't work on it! :((
ugh my stomach still hurts . . . haha i just read over that limerick again! it's actually kind of funny. except i feel sorry for the guys. one with chicken legs, one with stirrups instead of legs.
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
luv that quote. also:
"They say disneyland is the happiest place on earth; i guess they've never been in your arms."
i don't know who that ones by but it's so sweet!
i'm looking at my sister's biology book right now. according to her it weighs 6 pounds. WOW! at least she doesn't have to carry it in her backpack EVERYDAY. her school has a block schedule, ie. periods 1-3 on one day, then 4-7 or wtvr the next. she gets TWO DAYS to do homework!!!
wow, speaking of her, she just called saying schools over. g2g bye!
-Italapinexo <3

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