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Monday, November 23, 2009


helloooo everyone!k, u'll get the pic of pie if u read later into the post. i'm super bored so i'm gunna do sumthin i did on my old blog a long time ago: rite a whole paragraph/post w.out using the delete button! u get to see all my mistakes! lucky u! (aurgh sarcasm) the words in perenthases will be what i meant to say. starting . . .

props to annel fur starting the whole daily fail thing. that wuz super smafrt and hopefully i'll be anble (able() to contingue that, but i just have to figure out ohw (how) to put a fpoic (pic) on a post. wait . . .

hmm did that work??? gr, it say's it's downloading my pic, but its mbeing really slow so i'll just have to telst (test) that later . . . o wait, it just appeared at the top. yummmm pie!!!

aurghh i wish i could've gone to the mitty opern (open) howuse (house) on sunday. they do have a HEEEEEE-UUUUGE campus- i've been ion (on() it before 4 sumones gradutation (graduation). dapparentlay (apparently) *well, this is abccording to Annel*

it's horrible there iand i would NOT wanto (want to) go there.

YEAAYYYYYYYY!! today allison taught me how to draw a loiion (lion)!!!! ees soo cute!!!

we had a shadow today. her name wuz Amelia!!! she wuz so cool! hopefully she''ll fcome (come) to SJMV. no, annel, she will NEVER EVER EVER EVER replace u!!!! k, g2g bye! (lol, hope u enjoyed the whole "post without a delete key" thing!!!)

-Italapinexo <3

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