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Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a Party in the USA.....

So I put my hands up

They're playin my song
The butterflies fly away
Noddin my head like yeeaah
Movin my hips like yeeaah

We all know the song, ya know? And Miley Cyrus. You ALL know. Except for my friend Sergio.... scary. But anyway. It's been stuck in my head since yesterday. Honestly, it's not a bad song. It's just Miley Cyrus. As in, if anyone else was singing it, it would probably be one of my favorite songs. But no, Miley Cyrus is just... hmmm, how do I say this? She's so un-Chuck Norris. Let's put it that way, because there are other ways to describe her, but I would prefer not to burn in hell.

Well, that's just one current aspect of what's been going on. Anna and MC have made up; no one thinks Anna's some desperate loser slut thing. Everything's back to normal except for one thing: Anna will never tell MC any secret or anything like that ever again.

Also, ever since Anna wrote those poems on Monday afternoon, she's been going through a poem-writing phase. She's REALLY GOOD. She wrote a poem about sunglasses, and it still was cool. But what was really sweet was that she wrote a poem for a guy. Isn't that just sweet? Wish I could write poems like that. I wrote like, a tweaked up haiku set; like the first verse was normal (5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 again), and the the next verse was 6, 8, 6, then back to normal, and then 6, and then normal again. It was about someone (yes, another person, get over it) but Anna writes waaaaay better than I do. Oh, well, it's better than that one poem I wrote for when the class had to participate in a contest in 5th grade, and mine and some other classmates' got picked and put in a book. Me and Melissa's were about racism. Wow.

So on Tuesday, I was all, "OMG Anna, I wish I could write poems like that!"
and she was all,

"Well, you can write songs...."

And I replied, "True... so long as you don't mean like last year...."

That sucked soooo much. If you don't get what I'm saying, here's what happened:
In Literature last year, we worked on a short story called "Tuesday of the Other June". When we did a project, I decided to do the most creative project option: write a song. So, I DID write a song, which some people still tease me about (I'm not offended, it's more like an inside joke). It was called "Sanctuary". Now, Meli and Kelly if you're reading this, you're probably laughing. DOn't worry. I'm telling you to shut up like always.

Anyway, Meli, if you're laughing, have something to say to YOU:
"So here go/ Sittin all alone/ You're the one that makes me feel this way/ Cuz it's the dread you leave behind....."

Ha. I win. ;). JK.
If you didn't get that, that was Meli's song that she wrote.

Wellwellwell.... anything else???? Just that life's goin on again pretty well...

Had to attend 2 meetings last night and skip fencing. The first was for Decathlon, I was invited on the team again for Fine Arts. Anna's on Science being Renz in 8th grade's backup... But I'm not a backup cuz I was one of the three 6th Graders from last year's team.... yay.

The other meeting was for Confirmation, but that's not really as exciting.

Well, gotta go now, I guess.


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Anonymous said...

annel - why did u put my song on there it is the worst song ever and u song was awesome!!!! - sanctuary sanctuary cuz its my sanctuary!! it was awesome but ur sweatshirt was awesome Garcia, A. lol

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