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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pi & the Harvest Dance

k, the dance wuz ok . . . Jeremy is now dating a wh*** but i'm not gunna say that to his face anymore. he knows she is too. Anyway, sierra is officially being compared by me to a piece of toilet paper: she's full of crap, and she steals stuff from u (that last part is so-so for an analogy ...). K- she's full of crap: she pretends to be friends with u, then turns out to be a backstabber. plus she cheats on 1/2 the guys she dates. She steals stuff from you: I like a guy. She KNOWS i do, even tho i won't say. She dances with him, and is making devious faces at me the whole time. THEN she HUGS HIM @ the end of the dance! SHE BARELY EVEN KNOWS HIM! I'VE KNOWN HIM SINCE THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER, AND I'VE NEVER EVEN HUGGED HIM!

The day before, like annel said, Maeve had told me that Arman, one of the guys i danced w. at the last dance, had been telling EVERYONE that me and him had been going out since the last dance, and that he wuz gunna kiss me at the Harvest Dance. Annel gave more details. WTF!? SINCE WHEN DO PEOPLE GET SO WRONG THAT THEY WOULD MAKE UP A GIRLFRIEND? i'm like hella pissed at him. he's lucky he wasn't there yesterday. I'm like famous w. Maeve's class now cuz of all that. Maeve brought me over to her friends and wuz all "This is anna" and all her friends were like: "We feel SOOOO sorry for u! i can't believe Arman would do that!" like annel said- i swear i'm gunna punch him- hey, i'll be able to give sexual harrasment for a reason, won't i?

Anyway: more of pi memorized:
how many numbers is that? i think it's 50, somewhere around there. aurgh i feel so stupid for dancing with Arman in the first place. It's all Will's fault!! XP XD
-Italapinexo <3>

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