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Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekends and Glee

1st thing: you do know you just gave tall guy's name? teabag? no, jk. I mean Will.

anyway. . .

UGH. . . well, I've had a fairly OK day. . . ok, maybe a bit below OK. It started after I got home from fencing last night.

I get home and around 9:15, wanting to just take a shower and crash onto my bed, rite? Well, of course, I remember that I have to:

(a) Type out my
Freak the Mighty
summary, which was due the day BEFORE, so I got a homework alert;
(b) adjust that summary so it will fit into my pushbook taht I have to turn in the day after, aka today;
(c) type out my two-page NONEXISTENT Preliminary Research section for Science;
(d)Print out my History Essay for Lesson 5.3

Oh, ya. And then I forgot there was a review session tomorrow, so I studied for my Unit Science test. And THEN, I stayed up thinking of ideas for the Student Council table for the Saturday open house at our school. We were a LAZY Student Council. . . but hey, it's not all my fault. I saved today! Then, I can't find my essay, so I have to reprint it. Oh, joy.

Ok, so I get to bed a 11:45, rite? I didn't get to take a shower (eww. . . sweaty from fencing). and my little 8-year-old sister decides that she'll shower tomorrow morning. We share a bathroom. I live about 2 cities away from my school. I have to get up at 5:50. So I tell my sister, "Hey, tomorrow morning, take a shower in Mom and Dad's bathroom, ok?"

She smiles all "sweet" and goes, "Ok, Ate." I'm filipino, remember.

I FINALLY get to bed. Everything'll be fine, right? FRICKIN WRONG.

I wake up, it's 6:15, my sister's taking a shower in our bathroom. I have to rush my shower, which means I skip putting conditioner on. It takes me 10 minutes to yank a round brush through my hair, cuz I can't find my stupid brush. Then, I find out my sister ate all the cereal, and I'm left with Special K. So I down a glass of milk and a bowl of vanilla yogurt. Real nutritious, huh? (insert sarcastic jazz hands w/ eye rolling here, it's like, my new thing) I manage to get my contacts on and brush my teeth. Then, I search for my gray uniform sweatshirt for 5 minutes, and realize it's with Anna. I'm about to leave my room til I realize I'm not wearing my Student Council pin. It's not necessary, but I ust HAVE TO HAVE TO wear it. Don't ask why, I just do. So I always keep it on my desk, but that desk is a dump cuz my sister and some of her friends shoved it all to the back so they could put fake play poser makeup on two weeks ago. So I look through my desk, then go to the kitchen. No luck. I'm swearing in my mind SOOO hard, and I walk back into my room My pin is sitting there on a pile of books. Go figure. I finally leave the house in the minivan, which we never use, and then my sister and I fight over the radio station while Mom drives. Bleah.

And the day goes ok, and I remember that THERE IS a study session for Science! So I skip a Student Council meeting ot review. When I get to History, our teacher tells us to take out our History essays. I open my binder, and it's not there. NO TRACE. I can't believe it. I just hope tomorrow's better.

I have to wake up early, go watch my sister's violin ensemble thing, which goes from 9:45 to 11, which means I'll be a bit late for fencing, but everyone's late for Sat. mornings, plus, Saturdays are Conditioning days. and hour-and-a-half of strength exercises, then Open fencing until 2. Then, I have to change into my uniform AT fencing, and go over to the school open house, cuz I'm on Student Council. RAWR. Sorry, that now seems to be Anna's line. Oh! I know, GRRRR. It's now my line from now on. I had an "interview" with my friend Jonathan (fencing, goes to a private catholic school too, I'm not left out, haha) yesterday night, and he recorded it on his phone. He's all, "You just lost to Camila, how do you feel?"
"GRRR!" but then I laugh, so it kinda ruined it.
"Thank You."

Well, I just hope tomorrow gets better. If it doesn't. . . well, let's just say I am NOT A GOOD PERSON when I'm mad or cranky. Just ask Anna. She's had to deal with me sulking and depressed whining, and even my temper. She deserves an award.

Well, I'm sooooo happy! I finally watched GLEE. yyaayyy!!!! Everyone's always all, "do you watch glee?" and I'm all, "no, but everyone's telling me to watch it.''

So now, I have seen the first four episodes. It's a lot, considering how much I watch tv and stuff. Oh well. I have to go now.


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