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Friday, November 6, 2009

Go Annel!

Yup- that last post wuz by Annel! my bfflad! so glad she finally got to post! i FINALLY figured out how to do a duel-author thing. yeah, she fences!! isn't that awesome? she gets to poke people with a sword for like two hours a day, 3 days a week!! She fences for IFA (International Fencing Academy). i REALLY need to meet the people on her team!
so yeah, my name is anna . . . just like to remain anonymous sometimes . . . more mysterious haha. oh! remind me to post my kick the bucket (100 things 2 do before i die) list on here! so, there have been nooooooo comments on any posts yet! someone comment! i'm gunna post the fact that i have a blog on my site (watchlistenplay.weebly.com)
yaaayyy its FRIDAY!!! Barely any homework this weekend! i'm almost done with math . . . OMG I FORGOT TO WRITE HAPPY HALLOWEEEN!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!! auuurgh! why did no one remind me to post that . . .? i guess i should've remembered. . .
ugh! Jimi wuz calling Will a T-bag yesterday!!! i wuz getting so mad!! rrarr! after like 5 minutes of ANNEL cracking up (rarr again!!) i started throwing chocolate @ Jimi . . . bleah.
Had a science test today! it wuz on everything we've learned since the beginning of the year which is just basic bio stuff. we did have 2 memorize the parts of a microscope, but that didn't really take looonnnggg.

I started memorizing pi yesterday! i don't have that much down so far, just the following:
so that's not that much, considering there are over a million digits. gotta go, bye!

-Italapinexo <3

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