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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fencing - and The Game

Today's FAIL:

Ok. . . hmmmm so what's been going on today?

Well, since there was the Mitty Open House today at 9, and I didn't go to church yesterday, and my parents just HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEKEND, I had to go to mass at 7:30 in the morning.  Yes, 7:30. Then, my whole family went to Mitty. Now, Mitty's cool and everything, the academics and sports are hella good, and they've got a hee-ooge campus. But I came out knowing one thing: I want to go to St. Francis. Yes..... Mitty had good presentation, but I didn't feel really comfortable there.... haha, and I should be saying this, the girl who wanted to really go to Mitty and used to not even THINK about St. Francis? Yeah, it kinda happened at a High School Info night I went to in September. Anna and I saw both Mitty and St. Francis, and St. Francis was actually really good. And then we went to the Open House. And realized that St. Francis was awesome. I'm sorry for not liking St. Francis. Really.

Now, after that, I went to see the guys' tournament at Stanford!!! I was a bit late, and I got there to find Matt, Sergio, Andrew (who I didn't know was fencing), Jonathan (rawr, I forgot to call him 'Jonny' again, apparently a bunch of ppl do, AK and I were talking about that), and Josh taking their break after the pools. Sergio was hugging people. Again. Scary. I know.

But anyway, so yeah, I saw their DEs; then Jonny and Marco went to fence in Juniors. I had to go after Juniors started, and when I left, Jonny was about to fence Brian H. He's apparently really good. Rawr, I didn't get to see the result of the bout... Oh well.

Well, what else was I gonna talk about? Oh yeah, The Game.

I'm sure many people know about The Game, and if you do, you just lost it.
If you don't know the game, let me explain, cuz it's very simple:

There's only one rule: If you think of the game, you lose the game.

It took me a while to get it, but I did eventually, last March (i think it was March). Anna introduced it to me. It's changed me. Literally. But it's not SO IMPORTANT, but it's pretty damn hilarious.

So, you know how we humans think, right? I hope so.... but anyway, you think of things, but of course, they fade from your mind eventually. Now, The Game: you're always playing it, and when someone says "The Game" or something like that, it'll come back into your mind. That means you just lost it. So The Game basically has to do with remembering stuff. You're always playing, even if you don't know what it is. You're just winning. And the best part? If you lose The Game, and you say, "Damn, I just lost The Game," everyone else around you loses too!!!! It's sooo funny. I told people at fencing about it last summer (2009), and it's become a HUGE "inside" joke. Like, we'll randomly say to each other, "You just lost The Game," and everyone just hates it. But it's fun.

Then, I (being me, if you know how I am) bought a shirt from Target. It was genius. I wore it to fencing one night, on our Coach's birthday, when everyone was hanging out, having cake and Coke. People took one look at me, and "hated" me. It was HILARIOUS. Why? Well, when people looked at my shirt, they would see the phrase:


I just love Champion (the brand)..... :D

I just took that picture, actually....

Wellwellwell. . . I guess that's it today.


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Melissa said...

so... i guess u went to the tournament *wink *wink .......lol anyways u have to watch this youtube video!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc86ZXFsriM

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