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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just Stuff . . .

heyy people! i invited my bffl Annel as an author for meh blog, so she might be writing sum posts

November dance next Friday!!! AAAAaaa!!! ees friday da 13th~~~ hope nothing bad happens!! lol, i don't believe sht like that tho... hopefully the tall guy frm Res.(i won't say his name) will be there... I'M ON A BOAT... omg did i ever tell u that story? no . . .ok, so this summer i went to a 5 day sports camp and the tall guy who's name i'm not saying and i met there. He brought up the fact that an 8 yr old new the whole "I'm on a Boat" song. then he started singing the one part that goes "i fuuuuuuuuuu**ed a mermaid" over and over . . . after a while i cracked up laughing . . . woah, the "fuuuuuu**ed" looks funny.

So there's this guy in my class named Jeremy who had like really long bangs but got them cut a couple weeks ago and now he has a fo-hawk (lol, Allison says he looks like a dinosaur). I decided not to make fun of him this week cuz evryones always mean 2 him. it's harder than it sounds . . . XP

oh that reminds me- picture day wuz 2 weeks ago! we got our pics back last Tuesday- my hair looks WAY frizzier than usual tho i straightened it. it's better than last yr's tho- just ask anyone in my class.

-Italapinexo <3

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