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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emotions Screw Me Over

"Hey dad!"
"Hey Anna! Did anything happen at school today?"
"no, not really-"
it's a good thing my dad doesn't have a lie detector embedded in me somewhere, otherwise it would've gone off like crazy at that last sentence. Nothing happened at all, sure! So, since the halloween dance, people have been talking about me and the tall guy (still not saying his name, tho i KNOW i already did). I already said how mad i wuz at sierra for coming onto him (does anyone have a better phrase i could put there?) so fast. i JUST SO HAPPEN to have a bit of a devious mind (THANK YOU ANNEL) to tell him some stuff that will most likely turn him away from dating her. that wuz last week. i REALLY regret saying that. SIERRA: I'M SO SORRY AND I KNOW THAT PROBABLY WON't HELP BUT WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF U WERE IN THIS SITUATION? PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT A DESPERATE WHORE. Think of it from my point of view:
I know a guy since summer, who happens to go to Resurrection, a school that goes to our dances.
i just might like him, but we're just friends.
we go to a dance, and ALL OF A SUDDEN everyone's asking me about him, all sorts of questions, half of which i can't answer.
ALL OF A SUDDEN, half the girls in my class like him, without even realizing that i might actually have fealings for him, which ur kind of crushing by flirting with him.
you dance with him.
you get someone else to dance with him.
you get his number.
you hug him, and YOU BARELY EVEN KNOW HIM.
think of how i might be feeling at this point. sad, distraught, angry, jealous? you guessed it. so what would you do if you were in that situation and people were slavering at the mouth just to meet this ONE GUY that i just so happened to know. people are pushing me out of the way to get to him. u would feel like i did, right? sad, angry, jealous. if you had the chance, you would probably do everything u could to get him away from those girls. even if whoever you were flaming found out, cuz it wuz worth keeping him. now you understand my point of view. lets get on with this story.
Monday: i tell Annel (my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!) how i began to get the guy away from sierra. i KNOW i can trust her. someone with the initials MC is wondering what we're talking about, "what's your devious plan?" i promise to tell her tuesday. she looks completely into it, completely trustworthy. i go home sick during lunch, then post utter boredom (btw, in my boredom, i wrote 11 other poems yesterday). i email the guy (there was NOTHING about sierra in that email). do homework. eat. sleep.
Today: choir. first bell. english. literature. RECESS! during recess, i tell MC (who, btw, was a friend) my devious plan. completely harmlessly, she smiles in agreement and goes "so, did u do anything else, tell me!!!" so i say "ok, will asked how many guys like her and i said almost all the popular guys" which is almost completely true. i tell MC that i'll forward her the conversation. she swears on her life not to tell anyone. "you know you can trust me, anna!". recess bell rings. math. science. lunch.lunch recess. i hang out with MC cuz annel's in band and allison and felicia are in homework room. me and MC hang out with mariah, sierra, and lauren. somewhere between then and the end of lunch recess, someone is a rat, and when the last lunch bell rings, sierra's on the bench with her hand over her mouth with wide eyes just standing like that. she says "i hate you anna" like 3 times... we line up/ leave for art. on the way there, the wonderful lauren who i CAN trust says "MC told sierra that you told will that sierra _______________________________" mrs kirkland goes thru a whole conversation with the class about the right way to paint a picture of candy on a gingerbread house, while i'm feeling screwed cuz MC told sierra what my plan wuz. i tell annel what MC did while mrs. kirkland finishes her talk, and we begin working on a painting aka we all have time to talk cuz mrs. kirkland never pays attention to us. i explain more to annel, and we both can't believe MC would be so mean, and would act like a perfect angel and all sorts of crap. SHE LOOKED SO MUCH ON MY SIDE I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WOULD FRIGGING DO THAT! WHAT THE F*CK!! i wuz just thinking my life is over my life is over i hate you MC i hate you i hate you i hate you etc. and i start crying. i couldn't help it. i felt so defeated. so cheated.tears poured out of my eyes. annel attempted to cheer me up, but then the guys came and were all "aww, what's wrong?" "is she okay?" "what's with anna?" which didn't help. after a while i stopped crying, some people asked me what was wrong, but i couldn't answer. it wuz easy to say sorry to sierra cuz she sits at my table and at that point i felt like my day was already bad enough, can it get any worse? and i honestly felt sorry. but if MC had come up to me while i wuz crying i would have seriously punched her in the face. but i say that a lot. end of story.

-Italapinexo <3

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