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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dealing with Screwed Emotions (follow-up on Anna)

This is a follow-up to Anna's entry today, so if you don't get it, you should probably read the post right below mine......

Ok, seriously, I just wanna frickin KICK A WALL. That doesn't sound too bad, but oh well. It's more appropriate than what I was gonna say that completely makes more sense on how much I hate what's goin on btween Anna and MC.
I trusted her!!!! Like, next to Anna, she was the next person I trusted. She tied with Kelly, actually, cuz ya know, Kelly, you're pretty damn awesome when you wipe away all that Jonas obsession ;D.

Now, this probably isn't helping Anna, but I was about to tell MC something, but this "incident" (HAH, can that be ANY MORE of an understatement?) that happened today just
kept me from saying anything.

Well, at least Sierra was nice. She completely understands. But I felt so helpless! Cuz I was at band talking about MLIA and "That's what she said" and laughing and having an awesome time while my best friend's life was gradually creeping to a screwed over state of existence. And I'm in art, sitting next to her, and Anna can barely even explain, and she starts crying. I felt HORRIBLE! I couldn't even tell why she was crying, as in "Are you crying because people might think you're a desperate slut? Or just cuz you trusted MC?"

Now I completely feel messed up. You can't trust anybody. Because, you know, Sierra, and Mariah, and Lauren, they're AWESOME, but we all (I said all, I'm not denying myself) have bitchy, nasty sides. So sometimes, it's just you and your best friend. And of course, there are times when it's just you and internal struggle, as well, like what happened last spring with me. But I just hope it'll all get better.

I've got fencing tonight, and I'm just gonna let it all go, ya know? Maybe take it out on the wall targets, rant to my friends. ugh, I still have to start on Vocab 3 Column Notes.... well, I'll ask Josh, who always writes awesome Vocab sentences that usually involve me and Jonathan or Eric and Matt or somebody and crazy antics. He actually texted me saying he has some more sentences . Well..... I just hope it'll all get better, and MC FINALLY GETS THE MESSAGE! She was all, "Anna, what happened? Why are you crying?"
We both just stared at her, and I'm all, "Stuff happens."
And she's all, "

So now, I just wait. and do my homework. And wait. And stuff. But mostly do homework and wait. haha, I'd snicker, but I'm too stressed out with this stuff.

And people say
Secret Life
is too stupid-dramatic.


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