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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Stuff + the HARVEST DANCE

i'll explain the harvest dance thing in a sec.
haha I SHOULD get an award for dealing w. annel in a temper . . .
ANYWAY . . . today wuz decade day!!! annel i were hosting it!! go us (that's like my new catch frase)!! it wuz so fun. I wuz dressed in the 20's. Annel wuz the 70's and she TOTALLY slaughtered it (that's a good thing)! we had a freeze dance competition for the K-5th graders in separate groups, and a "Trend Trivia" for the 7th and 8th grades. the trivia thing wuz just where we named a trend, and they had to name what decade it wuz from ie. "poodle skirts" , and they wrote "50's" on these mini wite-board things. 8th grade won, but our class would've if stupid ASHLEY wuzn't on the team . . . ugh! she's soooo annoying! have i ever told you about her? no . . . k, i don't wanna flame her or anything, but she REALLY needs to stop being a biter! she copies EVERYONE, and then at the dances she tries to sing to all the songs she DOESN'T kno cuz she wants to be cool . . . on the subject of dances-
GUESS WHAT FRIDAY NIGHT IS???? THE "HARVEST DANCE" thanks to st. Cyp's. Who had the nerve to come up with that theme? it's like a hillbilly: "ey, you dun come wit me tuh de 'arvest dance?" wtf! seriously. i'm still going tho! i HAVE TO: ees friday de thirteenth!!! spooky . . . btw, 13 is my lucky #!!! hopefully smthn good will happen . . . notice the word WILL in that sentence . . . his name's a word. . . hehehe... k, devious moment there (wait, no, that's reserved for annel's moments of complete genious)
i wonder if jeremy's going . . . lol he looks like a bluejay!!! aurgh i hope he doesn't wear tight pants LIKE ALWAYS!!! aaah!! i gotta go bye!
-Italapinexo <3

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