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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"a christmas carol" + a new person!

aurgh i gotta make this quick, so imma just say one thing...
haha that wuz a fail, i wuz typing so fast i accidentally put 2 "dots" after that last sentence *but it's fixed!!!*
anyway, we picked our parts for "A Christmas Carol" today!!! imma be the First Spirit (aka ghost of x-mas past). i wuz kinda freaked out- ms eagleson called me, and i wuz like "the First Spirit" then Jante like jumped up and went "UUUGGH!!" like he wuz angry. AAAAA it scared me!!!! but guess who's Scrooge???? TYLER. THIS should be interesting . . . Annel's playing "Sweetheart" and she gets to dump "young scrooge" haha.
k other than that we have a new person!!!!!!!!!!!! same person who shadowed last week. Amelia! she's officially goin to school with us!!! i figured out her last name cuz i heard her telling ms cortes. its guasch. yes, that's how its spelled and NO i'm not making fun of it. but it does kinda sound like squash . . . NO OFFENSE!!!!! kk, g2g bies!
-Italapinexo <3

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