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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valkyrie, French movie, bubble wrap!

heeeyyy people! k weelll... yesterday i watched 2 AWESOME movies:
1. Valkyrie
amaaaaazing movie about the most famous plan to assassinate Hitler. hecca good action/sound, awesome job of sticking to wat actually happened. Tom Cruise did a great job, but fur some parts he wuzn't completely in character. WAY better than i thought it wuz gunna be! five stars.

2. Le Choriste
moving movie about a man who teaches music at a french school fur "troubled" boys, who are orphans or single parented from world war II. i LUV this movie. AWESOME plotline, amazing singers, one awe-inspiring soloist. FIVE STARS!!!!

k now onto the bubble wrap. so i've been DYING to take the bubble wrap frm sum of my xmas presents and do wat bubble wrap wuz meant for- pop it! so i wuz hecca happy when my dad said i could do watever i wanted with a giant sheet of bubble wrap! so fur 15 minutes straight, our garage wuz filled with LOUD popping sounds. it wuz SOOOOOOO fun x). well i gotta go. bye!
-Italapinexo <3

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