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Monday, December 7, 2009


UGH I AM SO PISSED! k first of all 3-4 people are mad at me. second, EVERYONE IS MAKING FUN OF WILL. OH MY GOD. so AGAIN guess who's proven i can't trust her? MC... WTF? she's mad at me for who knows why- she WON'T EVEN tell me. and annel- she's mad at me cuz i'm happy that i'm dating will and i've been talking about him a lot today. DON'T I GET AT LEAST DAY to be happy for me and him? we JUST got together on friday's dance. i think i should get SOME TIME to be happy. AND SHE'S BEEN MAKING FUN OF WILLS LISP THIS WHOLE FRIGGING DAY I SERIOUSLY WANTED TO CRY EARLIER! AND THE GUYS DON'T HELP EITHER! and SIERRA frigging HATES ME cuz i'm dating will, and she banded together with MC who has been frigging yelling at me the whole day going "anna ur so ugly!" and 'whispering' quote-unquote to sierra "oh my god, she;s so ugly! ok, now we have lauren and her on our ugly list, who else can we add..." and "anna, can you like MOVE that thing on your head? it's kind of bugging me." and "anna! oh my god! why are you so annoying?" and whispering to annel then going "oh my god that's so funny. haha, look at anna, she's like 'what?' " and annel going "awww, i didn't get a chanthe to dith anna! let'th thee..." (translated: "aww, i didn't get a chance to dis anna! let's see...") looking straight at me like that's not gunna hurt at all. I have feelings! i can't frigging believe my BEST FRIEND would do that. she KNOWS i hate it when people do that! and i have frigging had ENOUGH of people MAKING FUN OF WILL! i punched drew (no, not in the face- in the arm, and it wuz barely hard) in daycare cuz he would NOT STOP talking with a fake lisp. jeremy too. i can't believe they don't frigging CARE HOW MUCH THEY MIGHT BE HURTING ME! annel should kno- she hates it when me or kelly makes fun of the guy she likes's name and we barely even do that! they repeatedly made fun of will and drew and jeremy didn't even stop until i yelled at them "OH MY GOD STOP!" with as serious of a face as i could have without my eyes starting to water. then of course drew goes "i'm thorry." then sees how serious i am and goes "i'm sorry. seriously." I CAN'T EVEN RANT ENOUGH ON HOW ANGRY/SAD I AM! and yeah, i;m being a little self-centered rite now, but i can't even imagine why they would do that! i REALLY hope neither of them expect me to forgive them! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD HURT ME LIKE THAT!!!! but i gotta go. i hope they read this.

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R u makin fun of my name
u no that's very rude...

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