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Sunday, December 6, 2009

oh, just. . . stuff...

HELLOOOOO people. my weekends been SUPER busy. soccer tournament- 3rd place of the day!!!! go us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo. NOTICE i'm not mentioning ANYTHING about the dance... ok fine.

GUESS WHO HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!! me! but it's not a big deal. i guess i can use Tall Guy's (lol) name now. so Will and i have been friends since summer, and i really don't get WHY we have to go out, besides the fact that i kind of like him/ vice-versa. it hasn't changed our friendship at all, which is actually nice. i'm glad we're going out, but it kinda sux cuz i can't tell my parents and we both have to disguise going to the movies together by bringing friends (which again, i don't really mind). i still can't believe armen didn't go to the dance. but it wuz pretty awesome. i met like half the kids in will's class, who, whenever i met someone, would go "OOOOOOHH! YOU'RE anna! i feel SO sorry for u. i can't believe armen would do that." it's hilarious. i'll tell the whole story of who asked who/what happened later. ugh jeremy's still dating tatiana. can't believe him! o btw, i'll have to post this later too, but i'm riting a poem called "Tatiana: a message to jeremy" lol he already read half of it.

yay my house smells like christmas!!! we finally got the christmas tree up. k, gotta go eat dinner. bie!

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