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Friday, December 4, 2009

i don't need no love, all i need is the DJ...

Today's FAIL:

wellwellwell.... haven't posted in a while (happy, anna? lol). So, yes, Amelia came yaaay! And I'm playing the girl who dumps Scrooge. I didn't know I had to dance, though!!! rawr.  but I memorized my lines! It wasn't that hard. I just have to say:

Can you love me, Ebenezer(btw, who names their kid "Ebenezer")? I bring no dowry to my marriage, only me, only love. It is no currency that you can buy or sell with, but we can live with it. Can you? (here's where i take off my "ring" and give it back to Young Scrooge) I release you now, Ebenezer, for the love of the man you once were. Will that man win me again, now that he is free? (then Tyler, or Old Scrooge, says something like, "No! It was not meant that way! You should not have held me to it! I was young, I did love you!" then I go,) We have never lied to one another. I hope you are happy in the life you have chosen. Good-bye. (then i run out :D)

tonight's the christmas dance, which, will PWN, but PWN second to OUR DANCE. yes. i got into an argument at fencing about how our dance is the best. and i'm proud that i defended my school :). lol.... but anyway, the "secret" to the St Simon's dance is...... OUR DJ. yuuupz, our DJ. The DJ is the father of an 8th grader at our school. And he's been our DJ ever since... idk, ever since I've known that there was such thing as a dance. But still, our dance PWNs. end of story.

Well, we got some DARE shirts on Wednesday (we have DARE in 5th and 7th grade)!!!! You know how I did the ninja thing on Saturday? well, i did that w/ my shirt, and i helped anna, too.... the result? here it is:

now, that's me on the left, obviously. it was $1 free dress day, so we ain't in uniform. Anna still hasn't put her pic up yet, but i won't do that for her. her pic on her profile is still and okapi. but anyway, i walked into Decathlon logic practice like that.... I got new best friends :D!!! lol...

Well, I have to start getting ready for the almost-PWN dance now.... luv yaaaaazzz!



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