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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ahaha sry

hey. if anyone even reads this anymoorree.... welll today i realized how i haven't posted since like january.... lol lisnin to Your Love Is My Drug by ke$ha.... luv the ending!!! "your love, your love, your love... is my drug. i like your beard." hehe hecca funny x). listen to that song if u haven't!!!!!

welll i just borrowed a bunch of music frm annel.... heres a list of stuff i need to take OFF of my iPod:

--Things that rhyme with orange (ismfof)
--bedrock (Young Money)
--Ego (Beyonce)
--SONGS BY PARAMORE (no offense annel haha)
--Nobody (wondergirls.... most annoying kid song EVER)
--According to You (orianthi *?*)

--In My Head (Jason Derulo.... that song is just.... ughhh *shiver*)

that's all i can think of rite now. k weelllll alot of stuff has happened.... will broke up with me. LONG story that im not gunna explain cuz no one reads this. think of him every time i hear the song i'm on a boat... hehe yet another long story that u would've had to be at summer camp to find funny. and our science teacher just reminded us that we have a boat trip next monday.... our homeroom teacher wuz like "so you guys are gunna be on a boat" i wuz so sad.
bleah im home sick today.... accidentally ate moldy bread x(. bleahehehe watching spongebob rite now cuz theres nuthin else. later~
-Italapinexo ☼♥♫

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