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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy (Very Late) New Year....

aaaahh!!! i haven't posted since last year!!!! lol literally but ya u know what i mean. . .

so, yeah, 2009 was pretty cool, and i spent some'a my last days in LA. . .

mmkay, from left to right, it's Kuya Carlo, Kuya Kris, Ate Hazel, behind Ate Hazel's head is Ate Irish, then ME! And then there's Ate Gen, and Kuya JayJay.... Kuya Joseph is blocked by the polka-dot stuffed fish thingy..... this i guess can be a FAIL in itself :D

here's another one:

kay, same people, but now you can see Ate Irish and Kuya Joseph better... two middle people, top row. . . 

.  . . I went home sick today. :( but im'a feeling better, and i'm going to fencing soon!!

got my iPod Touch taken away last night, whoops.... well i don't know when im'a getting it back now, but oh well, i'll just wait.

omg anna and i have a new favorite song: Blind by Ke$ha!!!! ehhmigohh well Anna introduced it to me, and I downloaded it. . . it's like, MY song now, if you know what I mean. the chorus. . . well, the chorus just kinda screams "ANNEL'S STORY!" kinda, but. . . well part of it, it's a good song, look it up!

Vanilla Twilight, love that too now, but. . . well you'll just have to ask Anna what that song's done to her now, well, ah-hem, missy banANNA. . . lolz i just love calling her that^-^

i did my science project yesterday!!

oh well i have to go to fencing now, buh-bye!!

luv ya,


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