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Friday, January 8, 2010

bangs and blind boys

ehhmigohhh i cut my hair and now i have bangz!!!

mmhmm thats me now... lolz

omg new favorite song!!! Blind by Ke$ha! it's on the side, top box, click play!!! Anna introduced it to me, and i just fell in love with it... it's like, MY song. well, not all of it, but i really kinda connect with the line "you must be blind if you can't see you'll miss me 'til the day you die". . .

like, that's what most of anna's comments are about him, haha u probably don't know who i mean by him unless. . . well i probably know you if you do or what. . . or are you, the person reading this, are you him? hmm. . . well then. . .  XD  as you may know, i'm a very musically-oriented person, like, music is my life (and my friend johny usually says "Amen!" wen i say that, idk y lolz but o well) but anyway

ahaha anna and i have a new lil' somewhat inside joke. . . pants. lolz LOOOOONG story. let's just say i was explaining the musicals i had to watch for decathlon. using stick figures on a piece of paper. in library with mrs ayers....

anna now has to come over and watch "Flower Drum Song" w/ me!!!

omgomgomgomg!!!! i hope anna doesn't mind...

shes going to the movies with will tomorrow!!!! ahh!!! well im kinda sad bout that, cuz anna was all, "omg u have to come, my mom says one of my friends has to be there, and it's like, right by your fencing on saturday!" and i'm all "omgomgomg wat time?!" and she goes "around 11am" and. ..  waaaa i have fencing then!!! TT_TT

oh well..... im'a be praying for her, just know that... she said she had this weird feeling that Will was gon' like, break up with her or something! like, how is that possible, they are just perfect and completely love each other!!!

aaa i hafta go now...

luv ya


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