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Sunday, January 10, 2010

♫ Flower Drum Song ♫ and AVATAR


. . . and that was today's random evil laughter.

I was gonna post about this last night, cuz I was just boreeeeeed and all...

I watched Flower Drum Song, for like, the 5th time yesterday, but it's just so good!! . . . almost cried, even. . . TT_TT the part where Mei Li tries to explain to Ta why her "heart hurts so much" but she can't exactly explain it to him with her broken english and all.... and of course, she runs away from him not realizing she still loves him...

gonna watch Avatar in 3D with Sophie today!!! XP it was a last-minute thing we came up with over Google chat.... 

I was so bored yesterday! My chat statuses (lol is that a word?) were just the lines of some songs I was listening to. . . had a chat singalong (ahaha) w Johny over chat, talked w Anna about her interesting experience at the movies that had to do with cancels and Guitar Hero, and did more Decathlon studying..... AAAAHHH CAMERAS!!!!

not the most exciting subject. . . it's just that the Musical arts topic comes packaged together with the Visual Arts and all. . . so i have no choice.


ahaha u prbbly wanna slap me for that now... i wrote "THE GAME" on my hand yesterday and gave Josh and Johny high-fives.... XD day well spent. 

I have more Ke$ha songs stuck in my head again. . .

♪♫What you've got boy is hard to find/I think about it all the time♫♪

and of course....

♪♫I'm sick and tired of the mess you made me/Never gonna catch me cry/You must be blind if you can't see/You'll miss me til the day you die/Without Me/You're Nothing/You must be blind if you can't see/You'll miss me til the day you die♫♪

. . . bord agen.....

well then uh-buh-bye....

luv ya


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